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Muskingum University Campus

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v1.6 - (MC 1.16.1) Major update that has the entire north portion of the map resized to fit the real life scale, and to fit the site of the upcoming Health and Wellness Complex. Thomas Hall and Boyd Science Center have been angled to reflect their real life versions, with separate interiors accessible by teleportation. The End dimension interior world has been removed. Work started on Meadowood Subdivison and Lincoln Place Addition. All interiors are little different from previous versions due to the pandemic, except for Johnson Hall and the Library, both of which are as complete as they'll get until a major source is revealed.

v1.5 - (MC 1.16.1) Major update that now includes a majority of New Concord, starting with houses on Montgomery Blvd, to including parts of Main St. Lots of rescaling and adjustments have been done to match the real campus. All non-existent structures are now part of the "Past and Future" Exhibit located in The End dimension, which may easily be accessed from the start of the map at any time. Caldwell Hall, Glenn Gym, and Boyd Science Center are still unfinished due to COVID-19, so hopefully the new landscape more than makes up for it. Next update will include more neighborhoods.

v1.4 - Minor update including complete overhaul of Health and Wellness Complex according to new renderings released in January 2020. Villagers added to Quad, with animals and plants added throughout the map. Future updates will include new tennis courts, finished Caldwell Hall, and a redone Hollow Trail with lots of life spread throughout the map.

v1.3 - Updated a majority of the game's landscape, no holes left in buildings to fall through. All are mostly easy to walk through, with a few exceptions currently being worked on.

v1.2 - Located in Ohio, this small liberal arts college is home to a variety of beautiful architecture. Starting initially as a survival project for a few historic buildings, this grew into a full-scale creative project that not only matches a beautiful campus to scale, but provides a great history lesson with each building.

This map is 85% finished, although this is up for download for anyone who wants to explore a unique map. A majority of the buildings are fully finished with detailed interiors, as well as many Easter Eggs that campus members would find amusing.

During a 24-hour gaming charity event in 2018, the map was featured for all students to play, although it wasn't very well known at the time. While I have since graduated, the map and the campus hold dear to my heart and is now available to the public.
Progress90% complete

4 Update Logs

v1.6 : 02/28/2021 9:10:39 amFeb 28th

  • Boyd Science Center and Thomas Hall have been rebuilt at an angle to reflect their realistic shapes in real life. This modification destroyed the interiors, but the old versions can be teleported to via buttons at the buildings' entrances, almost as if you have a student ID. Thomas's interior is finished, Boyd's is nearly complete.
  • The cabin in the Hollow is no longer on the main part of the map as it hasn't existed in nearly seven years, but it can be found on the historic part of the map in the End Dimension, with portals set up in various locations.
  • The North Athletic Turf is now detailed, featuring its lights and sidewalks.
  • Fraternity Circle Houses totally rebuilt with interiors now a part of the main map, provided you find a way into them that doesn't involve breaking blocks. This adjustment did scrap an easter egg from the previous versions in which walking around in the MACE house would teleport you to the Campus Police house if walking into one of the rooms.
  • The north portion of the map, starting with the former McConagha Stadium and reaching behind Patton Hall, has been completely rescaled.
  • Several New Concord buildings and houses have been added, with many being touched up with better details or sizing upon better understanding of the scales.
  • The Health and Wellness Complex construction site in-game is current to what was there a few days ago, so it's fairly up-to-date in real time. The "finished" building does exist as an easter egg in the hidden part of the map.
  • The entire map has been raised 15 blocks due to it being a superflat world, with the looming problem of adding structures below the limit coming into view. Paths to Depot St and below Main St have been added, which won't see a great expansion until a future update.

End Dimension:

  • Several more demolished buildings and houses on and around campus were added, and retouched. This included solving the architecture of 5 College Place.
  • The interior to Johnson Hall is nearly finished. This involved piecing clues from what few photos remain of the inside online.
  • The interior to the 1960 Library is complete.
  • The Phi Kappa Tau Frat Circle house features its Alban Club color scheme.
  • The history books attached to buildings both in the Overworld and End Dimensions have mostly been taken down as they need to be revised them for a future update.
  • The interior world that was featured for buildings too small to fit an interior in the End have been completely removed.

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