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My 2015 'Modern' House

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avatar FrozenToast
Level 6 : Apprentice Miner
Schematic contains only 4 variants. World save contains Many More, plus a few bonuses, as well as my first two other pixel art submissions.

History: I planned on finishing the basement on this house in early 2016, but have ended up completely remodeling the whole thing, so uploaded this snapshot historical version of the house before I accidentally delete it or something. Originally, this was loosely based on then-MCB 92 (now Safety Boost) from youtube's 10x10 minecfaft house. I do not currently have a active youtube channel and have not contacted him for permission, but I mention him as I admit this was originally 'inspired by' that fairly simple (7-minute) build. I had (a version of this) on an old server I ran but for me it's a little eyesore and I thus cleared it out, but thought it might be nice to share anyway. Plus, this might motivate me to finish the new 2016 version if it seems people like this one (2015 edition).

1 mildly furnished Bedroom + 1 add-on bedroom.
Small, lightly furnished Living/kitchen area.
2 sun rooms, 2 balcony's, 1 porch (backyard)
Small Dojo (3rd floor)
Library (4th floor)
-Unfinished basement
-No bathrooms (yet)

A major remodel would be needed to make the interior 'flow' more naturally. I got a little carried away on exterior, then tried to make interior match when this was first made almost a year ago (about July 2015). That's why the rooms might seem awkward (they at least feel that way to me). The only real piece of this house that has carried over to the 2016 version (I'll post updates to asap) is the backyard pillars, which are one of my proudest MC creations I've ever made. They might be simple, but I love the design, and hope you do to! No screenshots of interior as it isn't very good IMO.

Anyway thank you for viewing! Sorry if that was long-winded. This is the first thing I've ever tried to share on a public site that I made on MC.
CreditMCB92/Safety Boost
Progress75% complete

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05/18/2016 3:40 am
Level 6 : Apprentice Miner
A Major update for this is planned now for after my next major release - I'm finally going to try to redo the interior and add a basement.

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