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avatar FrozenToast
Level 6 : Apprentice Miner
Ignore unless interested.

This project is a showcase of whatever I'm *currently* working on. As projects are completed I'll upload and provide links here. When I've completed enough 'projects' I intend to make my first major creative town, integrating them in the final version of this project, 'Sneak Pik'.

I started with "small" builds in creative mode but when I started taking it seriously (joining PMC), my builds tended to become enormous, taking much more time for a noob to creative like me; This is my 'behind the scenes' sneak peak showcase project.

15 May 2016: I plan on completing one project for upload by Friday (unfurnished). Furnishings will come later.

20 May 2016: Soon. TY for views and comments. I am new here, these are my first projects. To confirm, I will upload completed project in both schematic and world save file!
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Progress55% complete

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Update #1 : 05/20/2016 8:30:07 pmMay 20th, 2016

Almost done with first item on this list. Not going to put a date on it right now but am working on it still. Sorry it's taking so long! Uploading a few screenshots on progress so far. Will have schematic and world save when complete. Very derpy, tried too many things at once on this build (black and white one).

This *is* the First project I started specifically for PMC. I like the pressure associated with release deadlines, and again apologize for keeping it under wraps so long. When complete I will likely try to remodel as it currently has too much detail. But you be the judge in comments... Thank you!

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