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Level 45 : Master Wizard
This is my own vision and version of the real Neverland. Yes a real one.
(Fan-Made) version.
And fully original and inspired.
I did 2 years of planning this version.
And welcome to bala-bala NEVERLAND.

Island is originally named bala-bala.
But to most this is never Neverland.
My vision of the real one.
With a different storyline.

I even created a storyline plot, way differently then you imagine.
This version is on Earth having a magical forcefeild around this island. Turning everything invisible, hard to find.
This island story plot. (Click to open)
Welcome to this island introduction: PLOT

Once Upon A Time:
Theirs is a massive island magically cursed on this earth, known as another real Neverland.

Not in the sky Or in the stars.
This very island is magically shielded by a force field turning everything invisible.

No one ever noticed this through centuries.
Till one person actually did, and also few people did too.

The tell is when you find this, this is Never Neverland.

And people do grow up in this island, but very slowly then you actually think.
Inside this island, you'll be growing 1 age up every 50 years.

Theirs also a rare tree, no one can actually find. The island is that big. And that tree can grand you a powerful wish, being immortal.

And hi their,
so welcome to Never Neverland.

Ending of the intro.

I never used a software called (World-Machine).
I only used (World Painter) and (McEdit) tools.

If I used world machine?
This design going to be even better.

• (45) Lost boys + Pan, Wendy, John, Michael.

• (194) Pirates and Hook.
• (192) Mayan Indians.

This island is way bigger then people think in minecraft, please be careful not getting lost. Or else you'll become one of the lost kids yourself. Warning!

Introducing the (teleporting book) in minecraft.
So you can travel with style.
Just click of the mouse, with no mods attached.

9 huge destinations
● Victorian Falls:
Near the lost kids hide out.

● Mayan secret indian city:
Passage through the mountain.

● Gilleon Park:
A large field in the jungle.

● Pan Treasure:
In the crying skull rock.

● Tat-Too Lagoon:
A massive beach with waterfalls.

● Swirling rocks:
Mountains shaped like Swirling rocks.

● Pixie hollow tree:
A tree where fairies live.

● The Pirate Cove:
With a village, made of ships.

● The mermaid Lagoon:
A hangout spot, where people notice mermaids.

Inspired by:
Pirates Of The Caribbean film.
And the Movie HooK 1991.

Also designed a custom original flag.
This ship is called RedJewel.
Instead of Jolly Roger.

Hi thank you for diamonds. Feel free to comment, tell your thoughts.
CreditJust me
Progress100% complete

1 Update Logs

Update #1 : by 2 StarLine 11/15/2021 9:55:45 pmNov 15th, 2021

• Re- re-organized the main info.

• Added a updated story plot.

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08/28/2021 4:46 pm
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08/28/2021 8:31 pm
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08/22/2021 7:24 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
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What version is it for??
08/24/2021 1:03 pmhistory
Level 45 : Master Wizard
2 StarLine
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This NeverLand project is one of the oldest projects I have.
I think this version is 1.12.1

Right now I'm making projects in 1.12.2
Why because I needed to use McEdit alot.
In what I know McEdit is only compatible with older versions of minecraft.

If? People don't know what is McEdit ?
You can look it up, in YouTube.
04/28/2021 2:04 am
Level 82 : Elite Wizard
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cool landscape, & builds well done!
Planet Minecraft


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