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New Jerusalem

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NoobDad avatar NoobDad
Level 40 : Master Engineer
Welcome to New Jerusalem as described in the book of Revelation!

This map took about a month to build in collaboration with my team the Roughnecks as well as other PlanetMinecraft submitters. This was done over careful biblical study. I'm using it as the Angel Spawn for our ANGEL VS DEMON server! REVELATIONS! Come join us!

Server IP: crusader.games

to visit type:

The server is currently running, but is still under construction. Mark your calendars! We plan on launching February 1st, 2017!

The goal of our server is to be a "cool" hub for Christian kids and teens who like gaming, RPGs, PVPing, and Factions. I will eventually branch out into mini-games.

Feel free to use our server for Bible Study and please pass our IP to Church Youth Groups. Thank you!

However, you can also join in on the angel vs demon PVP slaughter :)


Tree of Life - based on design by RayDecken (Onion Rings)
Jesus - based on design by ItsVinc (Redeemer)
Skyscrapers - Antonove (New Crafton)
Angels - UKServerMC (Competition Submission)
Spawn - inspired by dragonmaster41
CreditRayDecken,ItsVinc,Grezdaed,EnderPhantom182,TrinityStarr, Antonove, UKServerMC
Progress100% complete

1 Update Logs

Update #1 : by NoobDad 07/09/2017 7:57:38 amJul 9th, 2017

Hi Guys! We're still making updates! I'm almost done with a leaderboard plugin that we're going to use to post the top players over many categories. It's going to look awesome :) Come check us out! play.revmc.net. I removed 2 of the gold buldings and we're replacing them with rankings.

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09/17/2020 4:17 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Tourmalime avatar
How is this server still up, wowza
01/16/2017 1:06 am
Level 40 : Master Engineer
NoobDad avatar
Thanks for the diamonds!
01/15/2017 5:01 am
Level 1 : New Miner
adalbertus avatar
Hi. This is awesome! I'm going to check this server also! God bless!
01/15/2017 5:27 am
Level 40 : Master Engineer
NoobDad avatar
Thanks! God bless you too! I currently have a Counterstrike type of mini-game up.. so you can battle your friends...

/setlevel 60 -> Makes you level 60
/skills let's you select skills
to reset your skills just type /setlevel 60 again.

All feedback is appreciated! :)
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