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Newport Harbor High School in 2004

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This is, as of December 2019, my definitive Newport Harbor High School recreation. However, it may look a bit different from how you would expect, since it is based on the school's appearance in 2004. This is the fourth time I've attempted this project, and the third time I've attempted it on Planet Minecraft. And, well, if you were to compare this map to the map I started in April 2018, the difference is night-and-day.

A download has been provided so you can experience this map for yourself. It is made for the 1.14.4 Java edition of Minecraft, but it should work in later Java editions just fine, and it can even work in the Bedrock edition if you use a conversion tool.

Since many of the textures shown in the screenshots were borrowed from third party sources, out of respect for their intellectual property, I will not provide a download for the textures that are pictures from external sources. However, I will upload the textures I made myself, such as the porthole texture that's seen on the side in several parts of Robins Hall. Since there aren't enough of these textures to warrant a whole texture pack, my textures will be included in the .zip that contains the map itself, along with instructions on installing them.
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4 Update Logs

Update #4 : by TinoTheArchitectFox 12/29/2019 9:19:32 pmDec 29th, 2019

This is the fourth update to the project, and adds various things: a finished Home Arts building, a finished 303 building, and finished tennis courts. Regarding the tennis courts, I know the spacing in them is a little inconsistent, but seeing how the fence lengths and locations were pretty set in stone, I didn't have much of a choice.

In addition to the above changes, smaller changes, such as some tweaks in Robins Hall and Davidson Field, were made. Also, some additional content was added to the download, such as an installation guide and a tutorial on installing my custom textures, which are included in the .zip.

At this point, I'm pretty far along in this project. Nevertheless, there is still work to be done. So, stay tuned for the next update, which will contain a finished weight room/computer science building, a finished pool, and potentially a finished gym area.

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