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Ninja Gear - Only One Command

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Code202 avatar Code202
Level 69 : High Grandmaster Engineer
Hello! Today I've made Ninja Gear in Minecraft, which adds ninja armor, weapons and tools!

Click here for the command!

Ninja Mask - Leather Helmet + Gold Ingot
Ninja Cloak - Leather Chestplate + Gold Ingot
Ninja Leggings - Leather Leggings + Gold Ingot
Ninja Boots - Leather Boots + Gold Ingot
Smoke Bomb - Fire Charge + Gun Powder
Climbing Claws - Flint + Diamond
Retractable Katana - Iron Sword + Flower Pot
Grappling Hook - Fishing Rod + Diamond
All recipes are floor crafting

Put on the full set of ninja armor to get speed, jump boost, night vision,
strength and haste! Throw Smoke Bombs on the ground to make them
detonate! You can cling across iron bars with the climbing claws! To do
so, jump up onto iron bars above your head! To use the Retractable Katana,
look down when its hidden to reveal it, and look up when its revealed to hide
it. To use the grappling hook, use it like a fishing rod. You will grapple to the
hook when it hits a block!

By Code202

For 1.9
Progress100% complete

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04/06/2021 7:35 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
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how do i download it?
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