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North Beach

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How to find on server: /plot h Lakerboy56 6 on Apprentice.

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SilentOrchid avatar SilentOrchid
Level 24 : Expert Architect
Second Submission for: Forgotten Islands

Completed Before "King's Town"

Sorry for bad screenshots / editing, REMEMBER : I built these builds on a server plus I can't edit well!

Built on : Athion.net

Time taken: 5 Days


Nobody had known what to expect on the islands, some had ventured through out it and others not at all. Many decided if they had wished to have a home it would be deeper within the islands and not along the shores. This wasn't the case for some though. They thought it would have been perfect. Easy to gain food and to leave.. if ever necessary. The king was fine with anyone living close to one another wherever that may have been, just not alone. Which was strange for being so specific at the time though many had figured it was due to the fact that nobody had known why the island was abandoned...

*End of story for now*
Progress100% complete

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