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How to find on server: /plot h Lakerboy56 7 on Apprentice.

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SilentOrchid avatar SilentOrchid
Level 24 : Expert Architect
First Submission for : Forgotten Islands

Built on : Athion.net

Time taken on build: Roughly 3 days

No interiors.

Sorry for bad screenshots / bad editing. REMEMBER : I built these builds on a server plus I can't edit well!

Several of years ago at around the time 1214, a few islands were discovered 500 meters along the coast of [​REDACTED]. There were 3 islands that all looked abandoned. When ships were sent out to each of the islands, they found abandoned houses, ancient trees, and no remains. When the travelers and adventures returned their findings to the king of [​REDACTED], he had let them go back to explore more of these islands and to remove the old homes.

A few months after the kings initial request, news had came back to the king that what he asked was finally complete. He wanted to leave behind his old life at [​REDACTED]. He along with several adventurers and loyal staff came with him on a journey to the islands to start a new. Nobody had really known why they had left their wonderful lives to come and live at these islands. The king never explained why and why they would never go back..

Upon arriving, he had ordered workers to build new homes and to start working on his town. It had all become finished so quickly. Except for his home. And there was so much room on these islands for more things... So many lives that had been their before the king had dedicated themselves to making homes and farmland. Some spent their lives adventuring around the island and destroying the ancient birch trees of the island.

During one of the times during an ancient tree's destruction, the citizens had became plagued and soon died all over the islands.. The ones caring for the sick soon disappeared and were never heard from again. There soon wasn't enough workers to continue to finish the kings home so it had become an unfinished masterpiece. And after these deaths and disappearances, the trees became regenerative. When the king had discovered a terrifying secret on one of the main islands he had kept it to himself, and made sure no one would ever disturb one of the ancient birch trees ever again. Even though one had been chopped in half. And eventually the king's home was finally finished.

*End of story for now*
Progress100% complete

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