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Bedrock Edition
Cudz avatar Cudz
Level 2 : Apprentice Miner
Just a NP Survival world, that's all. I don't really know what to put, except it has a base, with a few houses, it has glass, trees, wood.. water? Living creatures, it has food. grass, dirt, stone, and most importantly, air. Oh and stars, yeah stars. Flowers, bees, sand A LOTS of sand, ores yes yes, um axolotls, turtles, dogs, lots of dogs, A WALL, BUILDINGS, and more stuff

and no the world is NOT finished. As we plan to make it just a world where we be creative and build as much as possible. But if we wanted to, we already have the materials to go to the end. So, anyone downloading the world and wants to speed run it from there. There you go lol.

(I originally planned to delete this, this was made to transfer my world to my friend, so he can make a realm with it, but since it’s getting downloads I’ll keep it)
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