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NTD-330B (GasPlanet) Alias: Purple planet.

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Bedrock Edition
Zsolt2004 avatar Zsolt2004
Level 16 : Journeyman Miner
This is the surface of the gas planet NTD 330 B.
This is an empty world that presents the interior of a gas planet.
it has no length and no width. (infinity)

atmospheric components:Carbon monoxide: 35%Carbon dioxide: 25%Methane: 15%Oxygen: 1.5%Hydrogen: 45%Nitrogen: 50%Argon: 0.010%Helium: 14%This planet has 2 seasons.Autumn and winter.
Wind speed can reach 1 million km/h.
Armospheric pressure similar to that of Jupiter.
Sun is originally Red, but because of the atmosphere on the planet it is purple.
The sky of the planet is purple.The ocean planet NTD 330 D can be observed on it, which was originally blue, but due to the atmospheric conditions, it has a bluish-purple color here.COLONY MODULES: 2 GreenHouse,2 Colony House, LABORATORY House,Medicine House,Space Suit House, STOARGE ROOM House, etc...
Since it has no surface, the space shuttle couldonly float, and as the colony was built, we docked the space shuttle on it.
More information about the planet is described in the book in the Game.
(you can easily expand the colony.)
Working: Minecraft bedrock edition 1.19.50 and Newer.
NTD-330B (GasPlanet) Alias: Purple planet. Minecraft Map
Ui: Planet Rain Type: ICE.
Progress100% complete

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