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Okami Amaterasu Human Form Statue

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BlueAsterismSolstice's Avatar BlueAsterismSolstice
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NOTE: so... i accidentally deleted this when i was trying to remove something from it. my bad... >_<'

but it's back up, now.

another one of my statue builds, once again i've tried to keep it organic more with the limbs and such. this was very customly done in design. every block i placed basically became the new design, rather than me planning it out first. i've seen several versions of Ammy drawn in a more human-like form to portray a goddest with an affect on mankind, but for this i basically made whatever came in mind when i was there.

for anyone unfamiliar, this is a human version of Amaterasu (aka Ammy) from the game Okami for the PS2 or Wii. the game is REALLY good. i would recommend the game. Amaterasu is a Japanese Brush God that represents the sun. in the game you basically play as the reincarnation of Shiranui, Amaterasu. you would basically be a fabulous-looking white wolf with divine powers. you vanquish the darkness and curses and make mirracles happen to restore the hope and faith in the gods to make them stronger and secure their place with the aid of your celestial brush powers. every single FRAME of the game is a work of art, even the not necessarily as great designs of the player. if you loved Zelda Twilight Princess, then you would LOVE this game.

Okami's Amaterasu is my most favorite character in video games. the game itself is a pretty good source of inspiration in the ideas of art and gaming.

hope, you guys and gals like it! :)
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Update #1 : by BlueAsterismSolstice 08/15/2014 9:24:14 pmAug 15th, 2014

added a schematic of the build.

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08/15/2014 8:08 am
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very nice
maybe you want to look at some of my projekts too :)
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