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One Block, One Life...

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avatar Samsquatch
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One Block, One Life...

This project was originally a Hardcore mode challenge, but since there is no longer a Hardcore mode, it's survival instead! Team up and co-operate with your friends in this hardcore challenge map. Let me know of any bugs or glitches.

*You will die, alot, especially if PvP is turned on.

-Use items wisely
-Use under 4 players

~Challenge List~
-Make a Cobblestone Generator
-Get at least 10 trees
-make a farm of wheat
-Generate a shroom farm
-Build a shelter

~To Download~
-Download MC schematic
-Unzip file ( Open the file )
-Go to your Minecraft saves folder ( If you can't figure it out, go to 'Open Resource Folders' , and go to the previous folders, and find 'saves'. )
-Drop into the save file!
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