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[One Command Creation] Smelting Mania /Smelting Tools/ - by GerganaGZ! - Smelt your useless tools!

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GerganaGZ's Avatar GerganaGZ
Level 43 : Master Musician
Hey guys! This is another one command by me! In this command has added some useful furnaces and new tools. Also I named it Smelting Mania, because.. I didn't thought for another name :D

This command is more than 32,400 characters long!
I spend more than 6 Hours of work!
Compatible with single and multiplayer as well.
For the command, click here.

How to install it?
You didn't need mods for this! Just follow the steps
1. Open your Minecraft world/ Connect to the server you want to install into it.
2. Give yourself a command block by /give @p command_block in the chat. You need to allow your cheats, if they are not allowed, just click "esc" >>> Open to LAN >>> Allow Cheats:On >>> Start Lan World and you are ready! Also if you are on server, you need to be opped!
3. Paste the command from the link above into the command block and power it with button or redstone block/torch
4. Enjoy! :)
How to use it? - Recipes and stuff
Now, first of all you need to know what adds this command, before install it, so let's start!
This command 3 new furnaces, 3 new tools/blocks, and 6 new power ups and other things... and 6 new ingots :D
Let's see the recipes, and the items how it works:
For the recipes, just drop the ingredients in a roll to make it.

Iron Furnace
Furnace + Lava Bucket + Iron Block
This is an faster furnace, than the normal. This furnace smelts 4s/per item , that the normal furnace smelts 10s/per item.

Diamond Furnace
Furnace + Lava Bucket + Diamond Block
This little furnace actually smelts faster than and the Iron Furnace. It smelts 2s/per item, so that makes it pretty fast

Instant Cooker
Furnace + Lava Bucket + Nether Star
Actually you now will ask: Why is so expensive, is just a furnace... Maybe it's not. This Instant Cooker cooks for few second a whole stack! So this is pretty fast furnace, and even it not needs fuel!


Water Bucket + Furnace + Blaze Rod
That useful machine/tool smelts every iron, golden and diamond tool, but not the armors, because they are very large. Also if you drop to it for example diamond sword, it will gives to you back 2 diamonds, but it will be the same with the other tools, even with the axe, that are used 3 diamonds, it will give you two, not any more. That is pretty useful, if you want to smelt for example the golden sword, that are dropped pigmens, or not purposely you maded diamond hoes (that is pretty stupid :D).

Lava Bucket + Iron Block + Redstone Block
From that little thing you will be able to make the first 3 ingots - Copper, Sapphire and Crystal. Just drop a diamond, gold or emerald to make one of each them. See the recipes of the ingots below, just continue to read

Iron Axe + Anvil
From this tool you will be able to make the other 3 ingots - Amethyst, Silver and Metal. See the recipes of them below.


Copper - Drop at the Extractor one gold ingot
Sapphire - Drop at the Extractor one diamond
Crystal - Drop at the Extractor one emerald

Amethyst - Drop at the Combiner one redstone block and a diamond
Silver - Drop at the Combiner lava bucket and iron ingot
Metal - Drop at the Combiner one silver and iron ingot

To make each power from the new ingots, just drop a lava bucket + the ingot
ex: Lava Bucket + Silver
      Lava Bucket + Metal
      Lava Bucket + Amethyst
Did you understand? OK. Let's see the magical powers!
Note: Don't use them near to the tools or other things, that are using Armor Stands from other one commands.

Copper Bomb
When you Right-Click it with the egg, you will spawn a tnt, with a bug fuse (it will blow seconds, after it dissapear :D Just a troll). Maded with Copper

Silver Poison
If you Right-Click with this egg, you will poison all nearby entities (except players) with wither and they will die instantly. Maded with Silver

Sapphire Reaction
Just Right-Click and they will be teleported very, very high. Just wait for them to fall... It's just funny :D. Maded with Sapphire

Crystal Reflection
When you Right-Click with it, you will summon Lightning to every mob around it (except players... again). Maded with Crystal

Amethyst Bow
This bow is very useful. Why? Because actually when you shoot with an arrow to a block, you will get teleported. Also from that the arrow has cool trail. And not only this. If you shoot at block, around the arrow will be poisoned the mobs and they maybe will die. Maded with Amethyst

Metal Boots
If you equip them, you will have Fire Resistance and Resistance. Pretty useful for the Nether. Maded with Metal

That's it!

I hope you like it! If it has any bugs, just post them in the comments, and I will try to fix them! :)
Progress100% complete

2 Update Logs

Update #2 : by GerganaGZ 08/27/2015 3:24:46 amAug 27th, 2015

- Improved the furnaces
Early it has some bugs with the thing above, now it is fixed.

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08/21/2015 8:00 am
Level 22 : Expert Network
YTCereal's Avatar
what is this? im having Serious Lag 10fps with 500 fps pc while near the machine. 

tell me?
08/21/2015 8:02 am
Level 43 : Master Musician
GerganaGZ's Avatar
Uhm.. It's the same with a lot of the one commands.. If you are using it on the newest snapshots, just don't. Use it on 1.8 versions.
08/21/2015 7:45 am
Level 22 : Expert Network
YTCereal's Avatar
Block Rotation is Suppost to be like that?
08/21/2015 7:52 am
Level 43 : Master Musician
GerganaGZ's Avatar
Yes, unfortunately.. I want to make it, like when you place it, to rotate in the relevant direction (against you), but you know.. that character limit sucks :X
08/21/2015 7:55 am
Level 22 : Expert Network
YTCereal's Avatar
mabye just place in the middle without looking at the player.
08/21/2015 7:59 am
Level 43 : Master Musician
GerganaGZ's Avatar
That can be only on dispensers and droppers and pistons, then OK, if I'm using them. For the furnaces this is useless :X But ty for saying that :)
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