Only One Command, Random Effects

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avatar Kayyo
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Heres the Link to the one command:
make sure that you enabled command_blocks on your server! (If you are playing on one :D )

This is just an command block structure which gives you every 10 Minutes one effect. ( for example nausea, blindness, speed ect. ) 

If it doesn't work read this:
If you are on a server, make sure that you are admin and command blocks are enabled.
You must put this in your Spawnjunk. What is a Spawnjunk. Its the Chunk/s were you spawn if you die. If you don't know were                 your spawnjunk is and you were sleeping in a bed. Than just type in the chat: /setworldspawn.
This works only in Singleplayer or on a server with one person...but this is useless ^^
If it still doesn't work... then i don't know what is wrong.
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