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Op Sword And Pickaxe!!

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Suhit avatar Suhit
Level 36 : Artisan Engineer
Hey guys!!! Here is another minecraft command which will give you an OP sword and pickaxe. Enjoy. =D

Command For the OP Sword:

/give @p diamond_sword 1 0 {display:{Name:"SUPER OP SWORD!!!!!!!!!",Lore:["You can now 1 hit kill Everything"]},ench:[{id:16,lvl:1000},{id:17,lvl:1000},{id:18,lvl:1000},{id:19,lvl:1000},{id:20,lvl:1000},{id:21,lvl:10}],Unbreakable:1}

Command For the OP Pickaxe:

/give @p diamond_pickaxe 1 0 {display:{Name:"SUPER OP PICKAXE!!!!!!!!!",Lore:["It Mines Like The Wind!"]},ench:[{id:32,lvl:1000},{id:35,lvl:10}],Unbreakable:1}

Please do leave a diamond since it takes me time to make these commands and also leave a like and make sure to subscribe for more minecraft commands! Also you can leave sugestions for what you want me to make next! Thanks!!
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06/01/2016 5:55 am
Level 3 : Apprentice Explorer
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Over cheated xD
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