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avatar shot_shaty
Level 2 : Apprentice Crafter
After picking a team, you've been placed on a floating island, so does your opponents. To win you will just have to kill a player on the opposing team. The problem is, your islands are separated by an impassable gap and you have no way to build nor get to their island. So how do you do? In this game mode you will have to buy and send mobs onto the opposing island to win. You will have to think strategically, upgrade your units, build synergies and survive enemy raids. You will be able to prevail only by mastering the large amount of possibilities available to you and playing mind games. This mix of PvE and PvP makes for a fun and unique experience to play with your friends.

What is Overraid ?

Overraid is a PvP/PvE map where your main way of winning is by sending waves
of mobs to your opponents.

How can I install it ?

Download the map from this website, extract it, and grab Minecraft Java
Edition 1.14.4. You can play on LAN with your friends or setup your own server.
The ressource pack is included in the world file and you can find server.properties
in the file you've downloaded. Note that the map is designed in a way that
it can be played even if the number of players in each team is uneven.

How do I start a game of Overraid ?

Once you are in the lobby and you've installed the ressource pack, the game
will start a few time after all players inside the lobby (unincluding
spectators) have chosen a team.

How to play?

There is a lot of depth to this game mode that I won't be able to explain
here. Fortunately, the lecterns placed on each side of the lobby makes for a
pretty basic tutorial. All the advanced strategy and little secrets are for you
to discover. The best way to learn is still to play.

Should I play it alone ?

No. Play on Lan with your friends or make your own server. If you can't run
a server on your computer try websites like aternos.org or server.pro. They are
mostly free and they workout pretty well for small sized servers.

Don't hesitate on giving feedbacks, I'd love to hear you out.
CreditFineFitGamer21 and rapisap
Progress100% complete

2 replies

09/12/2019 10:51 am
Level 1 : New Miner
This was a lot of fun. Thanks a lot ^^
09/10/2019 8:56 am
Level 6 : Apprentice Farmer

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