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Level 18 : Journeyman Engineer
Battle your friend in a parkour game where it's last person to fill out all seven of their letters wins.

This map is made for 2 players.

How it works:

You get to pick 1 of 3 randomly selected courses each round and there are 50+ courses. The player who's turn it is has to complete the course the pick and if they do succeed in doing so the second player must do the same, if the second player fails they get a letter.


If this map reaches 500 downloads I will making the total course count 100 instead of 52

If this map reaches 1,000 downloads I will be adding a single player mode.

If this map reaches 2,500 downloads I will be re-coding the entire map to add a four player mode.

Yes, you can mod it.

The game is designed to allow you to add your own courses too.

Give yourself the tag "dev" using /tag @s add dev then go into spectator mode and make sure you click the "toggle spectator" sign, then you can fly over to the area with all of the courses where you can make a 9x9 gray concrete square next to all of the others once you go into creative mode.

Gold = Finish

Gray concrete = Elimination zone

Once you have your course made go ahead and a marker with the tag "course" in the center of the course with one block between it and the gray concrete, you can use this command to summon the marker: /summon marker ~ ~ ~ {Tags:["course"]}

Once you're finished with that you can start the game and your course should pop up at some point.
Progress75% complete

2 Update Logs

Update #1.5 : by ezb008 11/27/2021 3:17:09 amNov 27th, 2021

Re-added scoreboards.

Added another precaution so people don't get stuck in spectator mode.

You must now use "/tag @s add dev" to go into spectator while out of a game.

Removed useless tags that would break the game if people rejoined mid game after all players leave during previous game.

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