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Phoenix (Pirate Ship)

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AyePatch avatar AyePatch
Level 44 : Master Pirate
Introducing the Phoenix, the perfect flagship for yer pirate armada! Pirate kings, queens, and highnesses otherwise shall find everything they be looking for aboard this fully-equipped and decorated pirate galleon. Elegant and imposing, the Phoenix's blend of style and substance make her the flagship of choice for the legendary Pirate Queen herself, AyePatch, and the perfect vessel to mark her return into the world of Minecraft map-making.

What is up me mateys! Yes, I live! After seven long years of lying low from the Royal Navy (and searching for buried account passwords treasure), I have risen from the ashes and returned to the world of Minecraft shipbuilding with the aptly-named Phoenix! Loosely-based on the Eternal and Majestic, I went through and redid a huge amount of the ship, adding decorations, cleaning up some things, and completely rebuilding the stern and repainting the hull. Hopefully you like it!

Note: Sails will be added as soon as I remember how to do the darn things again :/
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