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pirate city train

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bowbuilder's Avatar bowbuilder
Level 47 : Master Blacksmith
I know i've posted this before and I am really sorry for everyone who gave it a diamond but I felt the need to reupload it since the other version magically couldn't reach the pop real (14 diamonds in 15 hours yet not within the first 10 pages). Since I've spent almost half a year on this project i wanted more then 80 views.


This is a pretty big train with a pirate city on it.

Render by Barbarian


This train is an old pirate village that mostly earns money with robbing tourists by selling them overly expensive drinks.
If you are a tourist and want to get a great pirate experience i really recomend visiting the train at warp train1 on dawn.
notice you'll need t2 or up to use this warp sorry about that.

The rails
To give the train a fancy sci-fi feeling it uses a quantum levitation track. If you are interested in how this works be sure to just google quantum levitation.

quantum levitation
Quantum levitation.

As you can see the rails itself could be very simple though the one the train uses looks very complicated. This is because the "rails" isn't only a rails but also filled with cables and tubes for water and internet and such.

The hull
The whole train is drip shaped to keep air ressistance to minimum and
where ever needed there are protective windscreens

The train travels at low speed to reduce air ressistance and wind (for those on the train).

Energy mannagement
The train works completely on kerosene.
Energy usage:
To maintain its top speed of 18km/h the engines have to produce an efficient output of 55,5 kW.
The two giant fuel tanks in the train are filled 9*10^6 litters of kerosene which is equal to about 3,1*10^14 J.
which means that if it would only use it's fuel for thrust it can ride aproximately 88 years.
though it also needs energy for other things like its houses, there are 31 houses with an estimated energy usage of 4,8*10^5 kWH (for one year)
Last but not least there is the cooling of the super conductor (to 203K or minus 70 celsius). I couldn't really find any details on the amount of energy this takes.

once upon a time This train rode through the deserts of jakku with an
amazing speed of 20 km/h. Whereever, whenever it arrived people felt
like they needed a drink. Why would I even write this no one ever reads
lore (except for you appearently). text to fill aka filler text is what
you read here just some random words to make it look like there is an
actual nice lore while infact nobody got time to write it. Just like the
discription of this whole post sorry if you are dissapointed I tried.

And they lived happily ever after.
HD renders on imgur
An animation of the train moving will follow once i've gotten a seperate object of both the train and the rails
world download / resourcepack
The world download is infact a resourcepack download.
It is a pack custom composed for this project.
the pack was composed by me though i did not make any of the textures.

texturepacks used:
galacticwars (from Hypixel)
palceon (from The Voxelbox)
halcyone days
pirate city train Minecraft Map
CreditDawn-creative, Halcyon days, Palceon, Galacticwars, voxelsniper, world edit, Barbarian, Thedarksid3r, Frostyprime, nackerbacksid, everyones head i've used,
Progress100% complete

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01/07/2017 3:04 am
Level 25 : Expert Engineer
AxleMC131's Avatar
I am... Impressed by the thought that has gone into the science behind this. XD Not sure how realistic any of that is - you'd be hard pressed to run a Maglev train (I don't believe there's such a thing as "Quantam Levitation") on Kerosene, that's for sure, but if you can get your boilers to a high enough temperature then the steam pressure will be immense. Of course you'll also need a crap-ton of water...

... Sorry, but this is a standard setup of burning fuel to heat water into steam to drive an electric generator... Correct? ;)
01/07/2017 12:17 pm
Level 47 : Master Blacksmith
bowbuilder's Avatar
nono it's not using steam power. Not that there is anything wrong with steampower it's just not the choice for this train. It just uses a rather large generator for it's power. Also it is not a maglev and yes quantum levitation is a thing though I must admit it's a silly name. if you want an explanation watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rKFgw7A1fpU
the train got pretty large super conductor blocks underneath it in order to keep it from the ground. if you where wondering largest energy consumption in the train is caused by cooling the superconductor too minus 70C (rather good superconductor)
01/07/2017 12:53 pm
Level 47 : Master Blacksmith
bowbuilder's Avatar
if you where wondering about the steamclouds it produces that's from cooling water for the engines. If you where wondering about water supply cooling down air also realeses all the water that was evaporateted on to this air.
01/07/2017 4:41 pm
Level 25 : Expert Engineer
AxleMC131's Avatar
Well, if you say so. Just don't forget how most of the world's electricity is produced: the faithful Steam Turbine!

Supercooling stuff takes a lot of power - I can dig that. It works the opposite way too, in some scenarios. Bet you didn't know that when Concorde was still flying, the majority of the power it's engines produced was used for heating the cabin!
08/23/2016 9:57 am
Level 38 : Artisan Grump
Arieben's Avatar
08/24/2016 5:20 am
Level 47 : Master Blacksmith
bowbuilder's Avatar
thanks :D
01/05/2017 2:19 pm
Level 5 : Apprentice Artist
SShaked's Avatar
01/05/2017 2:56 pm
Level 47 : Master Blacksmith
bowbuilder's Avatar
08/20/2016 10:35 am
Level 50 : Grandmaster Artist
Qubion's Avatar
Looking really fancy!
08/22/2016 7:53 am
Level 47 : Master Blacksmith
bowbuilder's Avatar
thank you :D
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