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zinom0412's Avatar zinom0412
Level 20 : Expert Pokémon
Whether you like to play pixelmon, or rather find a map with several themes laid out across the entire world, just as real life with cultures, you can go to many terrains, biomes, and different shapes/islands that appear throughout this world. With the world with 36% water and 64% land, there's lots to explore, while the water navigates you toward every twist and turn you can think of. An interconnection of the world in the palm of your hands, all you need is to float. So far, I am currently making the map, here is a picture. I focused on making it like Z crystals from pokemon, labeling themes in worldpainter (the terraformer of a minecraft world). Though, I do need ideas since around 2500 spaces are going to be land, and 1500 are water overall for a total of 4032 in the end. (I'm rounding the first two numbers).

Important notes: The crystals are a 420 (top to bottom) by 480 (left to right) grid usually (as I am not PRECISE, I cut like 20 blocks from a side sometimes at most from having to do this all by hand), and can be made as plots of land. This may also be great for a server with a large playerbase, as I am making them all equal in types. Meaning 143 of each pokemon type/or that said theme. So there will be 143 dark themes, and meaning lots of dark stories/islands that have their own terrain formed to be like it.

Major Inspiration: My major inspiration was Phain, which I will link below as that is where credit is heavily due. I thought of a shape most people won't do, and my wifey said diamond shaped, so I decided I'd go with that for something similar.

Credit also goes to Huffmanbran (A great terraformer), who has also terraformed this first island which will be the starting hub once I decorate it with the sacred tree that will form between the center of the edged stones that surround the center. Players can reach down to the side-river, go across and leave instantly in two distinct paths to go up/down and start their journey into the world. I hope you all enjoy the idea and I am currently working on it nonstop, as I love working on it.

Credithttps://www.planetminecraft.com/project/phain-game-board-of-the-ancients-6000-x-6000-multiple-biomes-survival-map-923-plots-theme---hexagons/, huffmanbran
Progress10% complete

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Update #1 : by zinom0412 07/21/2019 4:06:55 amJul 21st, 2019

Terraforming commences, time to detail and level the waters to Y = 60. Then to do certain shapes to bring the world to life in the biomes in which they fit greatly in, and show some neat creations players can live nearby or become part of experiencing with their favorite type of setting/pokemon fitting right in. Big builds to come as well for what the first place can be like.

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07/20/2019 8:42 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Miner
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Really cool!
07/20/2019 8:50 am
Level 69 : High Grandmaster Pokémon
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Looks good!