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Phain – Game Board of the Ancients [6000 x 6000 multiple biomes survival map, 923 plots] | Theme - Hexagons [1.8+]

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Darastlix's Avatar Darastlix
Level 73 : Legendary Terraformer

I’m very happy to present to you Phain – Game Board of the Ancients, the project I’ve been working on for more than 400 hours over the entire year! The terrain was inspired by a strategy video game called Endless Legend.

Welcome to Phain!
Phain – Game Board of the Ancients [6000 x 6000 multiple biomes survival map, 923 plots] | Theme - Hexagons [1.8+] Minecraft Map

Guided by the spirits of seasons in Iaven, Lone Wanderer travels to Phain, the landmass built by ancient giants for their amusement. In Phain he will search for the way to his lost home Theia.

The Story - click to reveal
Countless eons ago there was a large mass of land known as Phain. Among this land lived the utopian society between man and land. Although the people and creatures that resided here were peaceful and nomadic, from an unknown land, nefarious giants that had a keen for entertainment quickly plagued this land.

After a legion of time these giants carved lakes and dragged mountains untill they created a new land. With the shape of an extensive game board the giants forced humanity to once again populate Phain.

After many life times passed these new residents to Phain quickly created alluring towns and cozy villages. But on the brink of humanity once again becoming at peace with the land in Phain, the giants decided it was time to let the games being...

Almost instantaneously wars were evoked as the humans became pawns in this game. The only one welcome to Phain now, was death...

Ages have flown by now and the dreadful history of Phain has seemed to fade. With nobody to tell the stories of the past, it seemed to not exist.

Only the faint whispers of death in the wind can be heard

-Story improved by OfficialGoneZero


Phain was built eons ago by ancient giants. It consists of 4 areas, nobody knows their real names, so we can simply call them Blue Ice, Red Sun, Yellow Wheat & Green Leaf.

Blue Ice is the largest area, covered by thick snow and ice. It has blue slopes.

Red Sun is a humid area covered with deserts, savannas, jungles and ancient canyons. It has red slopes.

Green Leaf is overgrown with colorful forests and swamps. It has green slopes.

Yellow Wheat is a place filled with fields, gardens and labyrinths created by magic. It has yellow slopes and is the only area adjacent to all other areas.

Guide to the terrain

Phain terrain is very different from other terrain that you saw, mainly because it is made of hexagons. Hexagons are separated from each other by trees, rocks, bushes or slopes. Slopes are decorated with trees specific to the region they are in. Wheat and Leaves regions have deciduous trees on the slopes, Sun region haves palm trees and Ice region pine trees.

There are 4 elevation levels. First level is always beach. Levels are separated by slopes that are usually 32 block high. To move between levels you can look for stairs or build giant ladders to the top. Image below can help you understand it better.

Image - click to reveal
Phain – Game Board of the Ancients [6000 x 6000 multiple biomes survival map, 923 plots] | Theme - Hexagons [1.8+] Minecraft Map

While exploring Phain you will encounter giant floating things. Those are called obelisks. You can use obelisks to teleport yourself to other obelisks. This way you can cover large distances quickly, but beware, because some obelisks will teleport you to a place where you will face a horrible death :) (this was made for fun).

Image - click to reveal
Phain – Game Board of the Ancients [6000 x 6000 multiple biomes survival map, 923 plots] | Theme - Hexagons [1.8+] Minecraft Map

Here are some hexagons that you will encounter in each region. Rare hexagons are called anomalies. Image below shows most of the hexagons (not all of them):

Making the impossible map - click to reveal

1. Python

The first question that came to my mind after deciding that I want to make this map is how it’s even possible? The answer was - with tools that most terraformers use it isn't possible at all. Phain terrain is made of hexagons - something that neither World Painter nor World Machine supports. So what to do? If no software is available I have to make my own software.

Since information about the map is stored in heightmaps, I had to create generator that will generate me a heightmap with hexagons. To accomplish this I decided to use Python programming language with PIL library for managing images. The program that I created takes any heightmap as its input and generates hexagons from it along with rocks near the slopes. After it was done, all I had to do is create interesting input for the program, generate heightmap with hexagons and move to the next phase. Different layers generated by my program were then combined using max function as the gif below shows.

2. World Machine

Heightmap generated by my program is very boring. All it haves is slopes and flatlands. And we need tundras, deserts, fields, hills, rocks and so on. I'm using World Machine to accomplish that. With World Machine I can add everything I want into the previously generated terrain. Unfortunately adapting WM terrain into my heightmap is a HUGE technical challenge. This is the network that I ended up with after countless amount of hours and planning. It haves 421 nodes and it generates terrain on top of the heightmap made using my program in Python.

3. World Painter

So the hard stuff is over? Unfortunately it only begins here. The map haves 923 hexagons. 923 plots that I have to fill somehow with (you guessed it!) many custom objects that I alone just cannot build by myself in reasonable time. After countless hours of work, I ended up with a WP file that haves more than ~200 different layers. And even after that I had to check that every single tree, object, terrain layer is in the right place.

4. In-Game Editing

Some shapes generated by previous steps weren't perfect, so I had to fix them in minecraft by hand. Adding teleports between obelisks was another thing that I accomplished in this phase.

5. Planet Minecraft

And now the map is on Planetminecraft. After ~400 hours of research and work I can finally call it completed. This map was the biggest artistic and technical challenge that I ever undertook in minecraft terraforming. And it'll probably remain so for a very long time if not forever.

MAP - click to reveal
Hidden content here!

Main features

Survival ready map, with caves, stronghold, villages and resources.

Unique terrain never seen before in minecraft.


What tools were used to make this map?
-Read “Making the impossible map” section.

What software do you use to render images?
-All my images are rendered using chunky.

Can I play survival on this map?
Yes you can.

-Can I use this map on my server?
Yes you can. Read “Terms and Conditions” for more information.

Ideas for using this map

Because of its unique nature, there are many interesting ways to use this map! Here are some ideas:

Creative server with plots
- every player gets his own hexagon where he/she can build.

RPG server - use this map on RPG server, let each kingdom have its own hexagons, each hexagon can provide players with its own set of resources, expand and conquer new plots!

Survival Map - why not? It is survival ready after all!

Custom gamemodes on servers - use your imagination!

(No watermarks)


Special Credits

ibuildpixels – for custom objects, support and being interested in the development process.
Splekh – for managing to make very complex renders of the map


If you think you should be in the credits but haven’t found yourself or feel that something is wrong please contact me.

Alecvdh – colorful custom tree pack
AMPLITUDE Studios – for terrain inspiration (Endless Legend)
BlockWorks build team – custom objects.
Gabersid – custom objects
GoCreative build team – custom objects.
MangyFox & Block Fortress – custom objects found on schematicStore
Monsterfish_ - custom objects:
Moonti – custom objects.
Plutouthere custom trees (additional credit to TheTripping Kangaro0 for providing some objects made for him).
Rastammole & Moustafa74 - custom objects.

Terms and Conditions

You can use it on your server without asking me for permission.
You can use images made by me as you wish, but you cannot claim them as your own.
You can upload your creations on this map to PMC. Credit is appreciated.
You can make videos on this map! Credit is appreciated.

You cannot claim that you made this map or parts of this map (unless you are the creator of those parts mentioned in credits) or that it belongs to you.

You cannot make money directly from this map. You can't sell it or its parts. You can't reupload it to other websites and use adfly or similar links that make you profit.

If you reupload this map to other website, you must credit me by providing link to this page! The link must be visible and must
work. Violating terms and conditions can result in DMCA take down notice.

Things above are appreciated! :)

A great strategy alone won’t win a game or a battle.
-Naveen Jain

Discover all maps from the series here!


And please consider following @Amplitude on twitter, not all developers are so kind and awesome!

Phain is The Best Terraforming Project of 2016! (MTB Oscars)

Phain is The Best Terraforming Project of 2016! (MeetTheBuilders Oscars)

Creditibuildpixels, Splekh, Alecvdh, AMPLITUDE Studios, Blockworks, Gabersid, GoCreative, MangyFox, BlockFortress, Plutouthere, TheTripping Kangaro0, Rastammole, Moustafa74
Progress100% complete

1 Update Logs

Ultrawide renders, map and Endless Legend giveaway! : by Darastlix 05/10/2016 5:40:05 pmMay 10th, 2016

Amplitude Studios (Endless Legend developers) noticed this project and decided to share steam keys for their game. Added info about that to project description.

Added renders for ultrawide monitors.
Added map for the map.

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Level 37 : Artisan Sweetheart
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Honeycomb's way in biomes is really an intriguting idea. Very creative!
05/23/2019 4:12 am
Level 34 : Artisan Botanist
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Just exploring the edges is an all-day thing. This maps is HUGE. & very unique.
10/19/2018 2:35 pm
Level 31 : Artisan Procrastinator
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Are there any treasures or chests hidden throughout the map?
08/19/2018 7:49 am
Level 84 : Elite Jarl
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05/29/2018 4:15 pm
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I'm a map?
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no i am c:
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No , you not... :D
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████──▄──────────▀█────────█────█ Look son
███──█──────▀▀█───▀█───────█────█ a good map!
10/26/2017 1:15 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Explorer
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This is stunningly beautiful! I gave you a diamond, which you absolutely earned for creativity and hard work. I can't wait to explore.
07/31/2017 4:08 am
Level 5 : Apprentice Network
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Great job! a unique and wonderful map, truely creative
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