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Pokemon Generation 1 Player Heads [read desc.]

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This spreadsheet and map includes player heads of the first 151 Pokemon, 4 types of Pokeballs, Ash, Nurse Joy, and Missingno.

If you want the map with the wall of heads and chests with all the heads, I've included a map download. To duplicate the heads from the chests, simply middle mouse click on the one you want, and you will get 64 of that head.

If you want the Pokemon heads in your own world, I've made a spreadsheet with the commands you will need to get all of them. Here's the link. To give yourself a command block, type in chat: /give @p comm, then hit tab, then enter. Just copy and paste the command into the command block, and activate it with a button.

I used freshcoal to get the heads. For some of them, I used the user-created or freshcoal-created player heads. For the other heads, I changed my own skin (always using Planet Minecraft skins and giving the skin a diamond), then used freshcoal's custom head generator to get a command for the skin's head that will never change.

I hope this is a helpful tool in mapmaking, or just having fun.

This is my first project on Planet Minecraft, so I would greatly appreciate it if you gave this a diamond. Thanks!
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