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Vigilant 360's Avatar Vigilant 360
Level 14 : Journeyman Miner
This map will challenge all PRO players in the minecraft and maybe some newbies or intermediates, to a battle of death against one of minecraft's
most feared boss the Ender Dragon. Here is the story of this map, if you guys are Adventure Mode player type.

You are a PVP master across the Minecraft world in server cities and multiplayer villages, among friends or strangers, you decided to join the
Overworld Army where some of the best players go (not really) to train and fight against the infamous mobs in minecraft.

One day a group of scientists found an abandoned stronghold from the former wars, and decided to claim it for science and started to explore where they found a portal, and they were curious to what lies on the other side, but the portal was too small to fit one of their exploration vehicles and amplified the portal, they turned it on and boom the portal opened, before they went in they thought about the rumors of the portal, that a dangerous creature lies inside.

But they thought it was just a hoax so they went in with terrible consequences, they disturbed the dragon and they made it go through the portal, it flew into the night sky and raged havoc to cities and villages, there were many casualties, the military was sent in and killed the beast, but more was still coming through the portal, and the war begins.

Your mission:
Kill all of the Ender Dragons in the End.
And become the most PRO Player in Minecraft!!!

more maps will follow.
Progress100% complete

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