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Procedural Metropolis Contest Entry: Realistic Buildings/Vintage Houses

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Malitis avatar Malitis
Level 42 : Master Architect
This is my entry for the Procedural Metropolis Contest by Gheppio.

Plot 1 - 1x1: tiny old brick house

Plot 2 - 2x1: Small Mansion with large front yard.

Plot 3 - 1x2: Shopping Street with lots of different stores.

Plot 4 - 2x2: Generic American style house with large amount of living space.

Plot 5 - 1x3: Market place with market stalls, a fountain and trees.

Plot 6 - 2x3: European style row houses (small town) with Trees on the sidewalk, huge backyards and a Butcher Shop.

Every building has it's own unique style. I chose to build more than one building on many plots because i thought that 6 plots weren't enough.

Created by Malitis
Progress100% complete

04/28/2020 8:37 pmhistory
Level 47 : Master Architect
Uknownymous avatar
I quite like this entry. :) It's a shame you used a lot of things which could cause issues as they look rather nice in your build so it'd be awkward to see them go, but at least they're there for now and will get to stick around until after in this submission even if they aren't in the city itself.
04/28/2020 9:25 am
Level 42 : Master Architect
Malitis avatar
I only now realized that many things can cause trouble for the Procedural Metropolis World generator. You can remove all these things. Still it is very sad to see that such essential parts have to be removed/changed.
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