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Project Aardvark — A One-to-One Recreation of Super Mario 64 in Minecraft | WIP | 1.18.2+

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Progress on Project Aardvark is ongoing (And now there is a server)! Progress is slow but steady for this project. Now there is a server for people to join as I build new sections of the map. Right now, the server isn't fully set up with plugins and stuff, so it will only be online while I stream progress of the project. You can find the IP and more info on the Discord server here: discord.gg/6CZ9mFV748. You can also find a new image gallery in the Discord with numerous full quality images of the project. It includes full-res versions of the pictures above, as well as various progress screenshots going back to the start of the project.

The Goal?

The goal of Project Aardvark is to recreate the whole of Super Mario 64 with a one-to-one level of accuracy. Starting with the castle grounds, the project will progress through all the levels in order. Every block is placed or dug by hand. No tools or programs are used in the creation of the worlds.

How It's Made

By Plugging the in-game level data into a 3D modeling program, the geometry can be recreated with a high level of accuracy. A 3D grid is then used to help map the geometry. Below is a small example of how the process works.

1. Grab still image of the area you want to map
2. Plot points on all the grid squares that contain at least 50% of the object you want to map.
3. Transfer those plot point to your Minecraft World

Project Aardvark — A One-to-One Recreation of Super Mario 64 in Minecraft | WIP | 1.18.2+ Minecraft Map

Info and Current Progress

A few notes if you download the world: I highly recommend playing at a view distance no higher than 10. The edge of the void for each area will be visible if the view distance is too high.

Optifine Note: If using optifine, it is recommended to set turn off clouds [​Video Settings > Details > Clouds > Off] and to set Better Grass to off [​Video Settings > Quality > Better Grass > Off]

At the moment I'm using a few custom textures. I want to keep the world looking as good as possible with vanilla textures so that there wont be any rainbow wool all over the world. The texture pack is included inside the world download and is applied automatically when playing the world.

A server to explore the world is available, but only while I am working on the server myself. I have yet to set up plugins and stuff, so I don't leave it running 24/7. You can find the IP for the server on my Discord: discord.gg/6CZ9mFV748

Project Phases

Progress on Project Aardvark is being completed in phases. Each phase focuses on a particular area from Super Mario 64. Once a phase is completed, the version number will be updated accordingly. Below are the phases currently in the works and their progress towards completion:

(1) Castle Grounds: Finished
(2) Inside the Castle Walls (Ground Floor): 40%
(3) Bomb-omb Battlefield: Not Started
(4) To Be Determined:

Map Download version: 2.1
Game Version: 1.18.2+

Hours of Work: 39

Project History

Where did I get the name for Project Aardvark? When I first started the project, I wanted to keep it a surprise for a friend of mine. The plan, back with the first iteration, was to show them the final project as a big event. Although the secret has been out for years, the name has grown on me so I've decided to keep the name.

Project Aardvark is currently on it's second iteration. The first version, started in 2013, lasted 2 years and proved to be an excellent experiment. It included half of the castle grounds and parts of the castle interior. With it, I was able to test my methods and find new ideas.

Restarting the project in Minecraft 1.14+ has proven to be invaluable. The numerous new blocks and technical changes means even more detail can be packed into the already limited Minecraft world.

First Iteration
Project Aardvark — A One-to-One Recreation of Super Mario 64 in Minecraft | WIP | 1.18.2+ Minecraft Map
Project Aardvark — A One-to-One Recreation of Super Mario 64 in Minecraft | WIP | 1.18.2+ Minecraft Map

Shaders Used:

Chocapic13 Ultra 7.1

CreditMy bro for being the reason I even considered picking this project back up again.
Progress5% complete

6 Update Logs

Phase 2.1 Update : by BubblesAndSuch 06/22/2022 12:37:16 amJun 22nd, 2022

A small but nice little update! New stuff includes:
  • Bomb-omb Battlefield painting room
  • Jolly Roger Bay painting room
  • Some updated lighting inside the castle
  • Fixed some lighting bugs in several areas
2 new things can be accessed through our new Discord Server:
  • A massive image gallery of numerous full quality screenshots of the server from start to now
  • Info on the new server for people to join as I make progress on the project (right now the server is only online while I stream the project)

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06/11/2023 8:50 pm
Level 1 : New System
LapisLyle's Avatar
That's very cool. You should add the secret aquarium. lol.
04/19/2022 6:42 am
Level 24 : Expert Miner
damian2801's Avatar
what makes it even better is that there is now a mod that adds mario from mario 64 into minecraft
jood -alsafi-safiden
12/20/2021 12:51 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
jood -alsafi-safiden's Avatar
wow cool map i love playing mario 64 to not on super mario 3d all star's the one on the n64 i think a bit better my dad showed me mario 64
12/20/2021 3:19 pm
Level 40 : Master Kitten
BubblesAndSuch's Avatar
I grew up with the original SM64 back when I was probably 8. Played it for years. Had 114 stars but then someone deleted our save file. Sad times. Never learned where that second secret star was until I became an adult. I was mind blown when my friend casually jumped into the second secret slide.
12/20/2021 11:36 am
Level 2 : Apprentice Miner
ElBetoXD's Avatar
12/20/2021 3:14 pm
Level 40 : Master Kitten
BubblesAndSuch's Avatar
That's the plan! XD

It's gonna take ages to finish, but I love how it's turning out so far.
12/20/2021 7:53 am
Level 56 : Grandmaster Blockhead
Rasemotte's Avatar
Glad to see some news for this project ! You were such a huge help back in 2020 ! Looking forward to see more of it !
12/20/2021 3:12 pm
Level 40 : Master Kitten
BubblesAndSuch's Avatar
Thanks! It makes me glad to hear that. :)

It is pretty cool to see all these various interpretations of the SM64 world. The inside of the castle varies so wildly from creator to creator.
12/23/2021 7:14 am
Level 56 : Grandmaster Blockhead
Rasemotte's Avatar
Indeed !
It's interesting that you choosed to recreate the game as accurate as possible ! If you need any help on 3d modeling and/or command blocks, don't hesitate to ask !
12/23/2021 3:01 pm
Level 40 : Master Kitten
BubblesAndSuch's Avatar
I don't have plans for any 3d models, but once I put the world on a server, I'll definitely love any help with fun stuff to add through command blocks.
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