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Quarry [Only One Command] vanilla minecraft

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Quarry in only one command

Step 1: install the one command module into your spawn chuncks.
Step 2: rightclick the bottom two signs, to get your items.
Step 3: have fun and let the quarry mine for you.


To get the spawn eggs you press the signs on the module.


If you put down the quarry make sure you face north, because that is where the quarry is gonna spawn, if you place it down it will start digging a 8 x 8 hole down from where you placed it to the northeast. The quarry will mine 1 layer of your mine in +- 2 minutes, if you want to get to bedrock it would take almost 2 hours. You can place multiple quarries in your world but keep in mind if 1 quarry hits bedrock all the other ones will also get deleted.

The collection egg does what it says, it will collect the items comming out of your quarry, if you put a hopper under the collection place and hook a chest up to it you will get a fully automatic mining system. You can only have one collection area in your world!


You can get the delete egg from the module, this egg when placed down is gonna remove all the quarries in your world and all the collection areas. The quarry will delete itself when it hits bedrock to prevent you getting bedrock in survival, when it has been delete there will drop 1 pair of new spawn eggs at your collection area so you can start the whole operation again.

Q: There is nothing happening
A: Restart minecraft / make sure cheats are enabled / on a server make sure commandblocks are enabled

Q: There are no fences arround my quarry
A: Place them yourself...

Q: Why do you suck?
A: I don't...

Q: The collection is not working.
A: Make sure you only have 1 collection in your world, you might wanna do this command and spawn a new one, /kill @e[type=ArmorStand,name=Collection]

The Command: pastebin.com/UD777aXZ
Progress100% complete

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08/09/2015 4:01 pm
Level 35 : Artisan Engineer
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