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Realism Survival in One Command! [Thirst, Long Days, Blood, and More!]

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[Make sure to back up ANY saves you use this on before playing! I am not responsible for corrupted saves!] 

Realism Survival in One Command Block! This contraption adds a more realistic survival, and has 3 new mechanics that will make your survival worlds a little bit harder!

Features -
 - New Thirst Mechanics! Add a new aspect to survival worlds that has been missing, thirst!
 - Longer days! Minecraft days/nights are now about 2-3x longer which will keep you in the light or in the dark for quite some time!
- Blood! When players get low on health, they will start bleeding with cool effects, you will also receive Slowness based on how bad you're injured, so get healed up quickly!

Easy Installation Instructions
Step 1 - Open the pastebin/download link 
Step 2 - Copy the paste and then open up the Minecraft world you would like the vanilla mod on 
Step 3 - Teleport somewhere where the command block wont interfere with your map {example: /tp ~1000000 ~ ~
Step 4 - Give yourself a command block with /give @p command_block 
Step 5 - Paste the copied command into the command block 
Step 6 - Power the command block with a redstone block/torch, etc. and your mod will install! 
Step 7 - Once installed, do /setworldspawn at the machine to keep the chunks always loaded (it will not work everywhere if you don't do this) 
Step 8 - Teleport back to where you were (usually by doing the opposite of your first teleport command, example: /tp ~-1000000 ~ ~) and then enjoy your Realism Survival!

Wiki/Command Guide
Thirst Wiki
Realism survival adds a new aspect to your Minecraft survival worlds that you'll need to take care of, thirst!
Every 30 seconds you will lose 1 point of Thirst (shown on the sidebar of your screen ingame) and when you reach a low thirst level, you will start to slow down and eventually, die.
You can stop the dehydration with a couple of methods, all of them requiring eating or drinking.
Apples and melons will provide some saturation from your thirst, as well as water bottles and potions.
All of the saturations are based off of real life water percentages.

Item Thirst Saturations (Least to most)

Normal Apples - 2 Thirst Points
Melons + Gold Apples - 4 Thirst Points
Water Bottles/Potions - 10 Thirst Points
Longer Days
In Realism Survival, Minecraft days are about 2-3x longer. This will give you ample daytime to do whatever you need, but if you are out and about, the nights are also much longer. Sleeping in beds will still let you sleep off the night though, so being near home is a good thing in this hard edition of survival.
Health Mechanics
Realism Survival adds a new mechanic, blood! When you reach a low enough health, you will start to bleed and receive slowness. The following is for each amount of health.

5 Hearts to 2.5 Hearts - A little amount of blood trickles from you
2.5 Hearts to 1.5 Hearts - You bleed a little more and you have Slowness II (2)
1.5 Hearts to 0.5 Heart - You are bleeding rapidly and have Slowness III (3)
If you have any suggestions for the command, I am always open to add/remove things! :) As always, remember to...

CreditCrushedPixel for his One Command V2 Filter
Progress90% complete

1 Update Logs

Extra Realism Update! : by Runninlikcraz 09/17/2015 12:50:42 amSep 17th, 2015

  • Zombies now bleed constantly
  • Squids and guardians now have water splashing around them when out of water
  • Chickens drop feathers every 3 minutes (No need to kill your chickens anymore!)
  • Zombies, Creepers, and Skeletons now have a 5% chance to become decapitated upon death (Drop their head so it's easy to collect "trophies")

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Forgetting rtx
07/18/2018 11:06 pm
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can/did? you make it where you can sleep in the day?
09/17/2015 1:47 am
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make a blood meter too
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