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Steve's Journey [1.8 ADVENTURE MAP]

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Steve's Journey is now available to play! Come download this EPIC map (Click download link to the right)

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See the Journey of Steve First Hand

Witness my take on the story of Steve, Minecraft's biggest symbol, as he goes on a big quest to save Minecraftia from Herobrine's clutches! With a full in-depth story utilizing many 1.8 to create a complex SINGLEPLAYER adventure map. This map will be a fun experience for anyone who loves a good challenge with a story!

Developer Bio

This map was a solo project done by me: zOmBiLoRd. I worked all summer (3 months) on it. I had a little bit of the map done before I started ACTUALLY working on it and being serious with finishing it, so I decided to continue and finish my FIRST EVER map! I wanted to have it be like a Legend of Zelda experience, so there is a lot of "secrets" that have references to Zelda games. I spent almost every day working hard to finish the map. I tried to make sure it was one of the best adventure maps Minecraft has known, following maps like Herobrine's Return/Revenge! I sincerely hope you enjoy this map to the fullest because I hope that everyone will absolutely love it!

Extra Info

This map was made utilizing a lot of 1.8's features. I stated before but I'll repeat it. This is my first EVER Minecraft map that I have actually dedicated time to complete and make sure it's a good map. Please go easy on me but not too easy because I tried to make sure it was excellent. Some things in this map may not work or glitch at times. I have tested the map thoroughly but only on my computer so IF ANYTHING does not work please tell me and I will get to fixing it quick and release an update.
This map is heavily based off of Zelda games, which are world-renowned for being notoriously awesome, exciting, and epic, but also very confusing. This game has aspects of that which I tried to recreate in Minecraft. If you are stuck, look thoroughly at your surroundings to try to complete puzzles and riddles. There is also a guide down below that will help if you are stuck.

Once again, thank you VERY (x Infinite) much for playing my map (or at least reading this map bio)! And as always... don't forget to...
diamond, favorite, subscribe

Map Tutorial/Walkthrough
(This section is full of spoilers! Only read the parts you NEED to!)
Intro Chapter
As soon as you have pressed the Start Game button in the spawn menu, you will wake up in Steve's bed. Jump out of bed and continue outside. To your right, you will see an aqua colored structure. Head inside and down the steps. Procceed to step onto the bedrock square surrounding the pedestal holding the head of Notch. You[Steve] will start to rant about how Notch neglects him and would like to be treated better. After Steve finishes and Notch opens the Shrine even further to Steve. Head into the room ahead and turn into the room on the right. Finish the parkour and open the chest and retrieve the Old Sword and Key. Afterwards, do the parkour backwards (or jump into lava) to get back to the main room. Throw the key near the door with the keyhole and it will open. Open the chest inside. You will retrieve 5 coins. A zombie will spawn behind you, kill it and Herobrine will get angry with you for killing it. Afterwards, go into the room that was previously blocked by magic barriers (the small hallway that leads to a chest). Retrieve Notch's note to you and read it. After that is done, head out of the Shrine and back up to fresh air. Proceed to head near the farm then turn left. A tunnel will lead to the open fields. Steve will rejoice at the fact he is free and start to look for Eden Village.
Chapter 2
After Steve looks for Eden Village, proceed to head there. Once the destination is reached, you will be alerted by Notch to look for the Elder. Head inside the village. Notch jokes with you by saying you can explore around for a little bit but that Herobrine is still on the loose so don't daddle too long. Of course, you are allowed to explore the village a little. Once you are done wandering, head to the Elder's house (The Acacia planked house with fences surrounding it). Once inside, you will wake up the Elder and proceed to talk to him about your quest. Once done talking to the Elder, head to the Library next door. Go and talk to Librarian James. You will ask him about the special sword the Elder told you about. He will in turn assume you are joking with him as no one has mentioned the sword for a while. When he realizes you are serious, he will tell you about how the sword broke and was scattered across Minecraftia. He will say the blade has been sent to a mountain of fire (Volcano) and the hilt hidden in grains of sand (the desert). You must go to the Volcano first, as the desert is inaccessible as of now. (To get directions to these places, talk to one of the villagers that is walking around)
Dungeon 1 - Fire Dungeon
1. Once you locate the Volcano, head to it. You will say that this is the place and you have arrived. Head inside the temple, and you will be greeted with a splash saying Fire Temple.
2. The main corridor houses 3 rooms, one being the Boss Room. Head into the room that has no door and defeat the monster inside. Open the chest and you will receive a Key.
3. Once the key is retrieved, open the locked (iron) door on the opposite side of the corridor. You will see a guide named Alex. Her tip in this dungeon is to "Hit the fireball back at that ghast!". Head into the tunnel with an emerald block in it and teleport to the lava maze.
4. Navigate through the lava maze. You will find in here some coins and a chest behind glass. You will also find a room with a chest that contains your first tool/item, The Bow and Arrow. You will also get some coins and a key. Once you open this chest the glass that cases the chest will open. In it you will find 20 coins.
5. Head out of the lava maze via teleporter, and then open the door on the other side of the room.
6. Head upstairs and you will see iron bars parkour. On one side of the room there is a long jump that houses a chest. Jump to it for extra gold. On the other side of the room, you will find another room. Look up and you will see a long hole in the ceiling that has a button at the top. Shoot at it with your bow to open a secret door in the room with a chest with more loot.
7. Head into the last room of the section and fight the Mini-Boss for this dungeon, Piglin. Once defeated, open the chest and you will find the Boss Key. Take the boss key to the boss door in the main corridor of the dungeon. Open the boss door and you will be greeted with a message saying A Boss has Been Awoken!

8. Sprint through the dark tunnel ahead. You will see dripping stuff from the ceiling and be locked into the room. A few seconds later your first boss, Infernok will appear.
9. When Infernok shoots Fireballs at you, hit them back using left-click. These will one-hit kill the first stage of Infernok. (Tip acquired by the statue of Alex in the 2nd room)
10. The Ghast form of Infernok dies, but then Infernok's second form, a Blaze, appears. Fight the blaze as you would a normal one, and watch out for his fireballs (pretty much instant death)
11. Once Infernok is finally defeated, head into the room with a double chest. Open it and you will receive some gold, a Heart Container, and the Blade of the Bravadia. (To use Heart Containers, simply throw them from your inventory)
Chapter 3
Steve defeated the Fire Temple. Head out of the temple and proceed to head right of the village. You will find the desert. Once you get there the rocks will be cleared and a path made into the desert. Once entering the tunnel, you will be blinded by desert sand. Don't worry, continue by heading straight from the exit of the tunnel (through the desert).
When you reach far enough, you will be unblinded and the Layrian Fortress will appear in front of you. Use your new bow to shoot the levers on the guard tower. Shoot the right one first, then the left. Once done, the gates will open and you will be taken captive by Layrian guards who heard of your entrance. You will be stripped of your Sword and Bow and placed in prison. Inside a chest you will find out your captors name and a note saying that the key to get out is in the room. Look up, in one of the "spikes" (hoppers) above you, you will find a Key. Open the doors to your cell and proceed through the parkour ahead. Once you get to the top of the tower, you will find your sword, bow, and a key to the Captain's Room. Go back downstairs all the way until you find the Captain's Room. Open it, and you will find the Co-Captain inside. Defeat him and he will tell you to enter the temple and take all the gold. Take the key. In the big building in the center of the fortress, open it. You will proceed through the maze. Once you find the hole that leads to the temple, jump down.
Dungeon 2 - Temple of the Sands
1. You have reached the Sand Temple. Proceed through the door to your right when you first enter. Another Statue of Alex is here, this time saying "Hook up that Wither, then grind him down to dust!". Complete the hard parkour until you get to the top of the room. You will find a chest that contains a key. Go back down the parkour steps and, if you have good maze deciphering abilities, open the door to your right (or straight from where you entered the dungeon) and find a prize. Otherwise, go into the room straight ahead (left from where you entered) and open the door inside.
2. Enter the room and a group of mobs will appear. Kill them all (including the bats) and the next door will open. Go into the next room. You will find a chest with 3 different colored wools and puzzle. Use the wools to open the next door. Inside the door you will find a double chest. Open it and you will trigger a cutscene on where to go next.
3. Open the chest again and you will receive your 2nd Item, the Grappling Hook. This will be used throughout the dungeon. Head to where the cutscene showed you and go to the next room. Turn the corner and you will find a grappling hook parkour. Simply right click to throw the hook and latch onto the hook blocks. Proceed until you get to the ledge. Here, shoot the wooden button and a Hook Block will appear.
4. Latch onto the sudden hook block and reach the other side of the room. Behind the hook target you will find a chest with a key. Head down the ladder and to your left is the boss room. We'll come back here later.
5. Go back to the 2nd story corridor and open the door with your key. (If you can't see the keyhole, it's the 2 blocks of creeper sandstone.
6. Go through the corridor and you will find a creeper statue. Throw your grappling hook at the 2 gold platforms and the eyelids of the creeper will open. Once they are both open, shoot your bow at the creeper's eyes and a new room will open to you from the creepers mouth.
7. Go downstairs and to that room. Enter the newly opened room. You will see a bunch of graves and a chest inside. Open the chest and retrieve the key.
8. When you retrieve the key, you will be ambushed by the Mini-boss, Skellord, and his cronies. Defeat them and Skellord will say "I'll be back" and the entrance will open again. Head back to the boss door and open it.
9. Sprint through the corridor and Skellord will appear again. He will give you a speech on how you have angered him and he's going to help Herobrine by killing you.

10. Three forms of Skellord will spawn in the center of the room. Kill all 3 and Skellord will again be angered and turn into his final form.
11. The Wither form of Skellord will appear, take caution because this form's withering ability can kill you easily. Using Alex's tip earlier, use the grappling hook and throw it at Skellord. This will stun him for a few seconds, giving you easy access to get huge amounts of hits on him.
12. Once Skellord is defeated, he will be weakened but float up next to the giant hook on the ceiling. He will say "He can only be defeated by sunlight". Use your grappling hook to bring the giant hook in the ceiling down (by hitting the hook block).
13. Skellord will crumble from exposure to sunlight and fade away.
Chapter 5
After defeating Skellord, you will be taken to the next room. Inside will be a double chest. Inside you will find the Bravadia's Hilt and a heart container. After priding over your achievement and preparing to leave, Herobrine's voice will appear from behind you. He stops you from leaving and gives you a speech on how you are going to die. He takes a step forward and seems prepared to finish you when Notch portals in and stops Herobrine. He transports you back to the main corridor of the Dungeon. After being upset that Notch is dead, you must head back to Eden Village.
Chapter 6
Once you head back to Eden Village, go to the Librarian. He will joke with you about your "adventure" but then suddenly realize you have actually found the Bravadia. He will explain that you need to repair the sword then repower it at the Sea. Head to Grog (The blacksmith in the center of town) and walk in. He will ask you what you need. You will give him the sword and he will repair it. The process takes about 3 minutes, so busy yourself with a side quest or two while he's at it. Once done, Grog will lead you to a chest, and in it, the re-forged Bravadia. Take the Bravadia and head to the Sea up north of the village. Grapple inside and head to the life guard's tower. Take a boat, and head to the middle of the Sea where you will find a hole in the sea floor.
Dungeon 3 - Temple Under the Sea
1. Head through the water tunnel (if you cannot reach the end of the tunnel, look around on the Beach, there is a clue there to get through)
2. Proceed through the ice block parkour to the left side of the room. You will find another room with a locked gate and two ice mirrors. Throw your grappling hook into the holes above the ice mirrors, and then shoot the button near the entrance to the room. The guardian drawing on the floor will have an eye that shoots a laser at the ceiling and the gate will open.
3. Go through the door and find 3 swimming guardian/squids. Kill them and a door at the bottom of the room will open. Inside it you will find a key to the next door in the room
4. Head out of the room and then go to the right side of the main room to the locked door.
5. Open the locked door and head into the next room. Kill the 2 skeletons in the room. Proceed straight to the next room and kill the 3 skeletons in the room. The door will open and then head to the tunnel to the left. Get to the chest and you will find the 3rd item, bombs, and a key.
6. Head back to the room before and go to the room you didn't explore yet. A rock pile will be on the other side. Shoot and arrow and then quickly throw a bomb down to use Bomb Arrows skill. It will blow up the rocks and a pressure plate will be revealed. Throw your hook at the plate and a chest will reveal below you. Open it to get a silver key. Go back to the room where you saw the gate and open it.
7. Proceed up the parkour in the room. When you get to the top, step on the plate in the middle of the room. It will drain all the water down below. Before you leave, blow up all the rocks in the room. Search the chests until you find the boss key.
8. Go down the parkour. Open the chest at the bottom and get the key.
9. Go back to the main room and break the rocks stopping you from getting to the next area. (Warning: Bombs will not explode in water). Open the door behind the rocks and then go down and to the next area. Follow the path until you get to the boss door.
10. There is no boss for this dungeon, but swim down to the room below the Elder Guardian. Throw your Bravadia on the pink tiles and a fire will emerge and swallow the sword.
11. After the cool display, open the chest and get the newly powered bravadia and heart container. Herobrine will speak to you and tell you to come to his castle.
Chapter 8
Exit the temple and get to the rocks surrounding the big wall of Earth in minecraftia fields. Blow them up and enter the area. You will find Herobrine's castle here.
Final Chapter
1. Enter Herobrine's Castle. Enter the double doors underneath the Grand Staircase and head to the left side. Head down the steps until you reach the room. Using your bow, light all the torch holders in the room. (It helps to only draw your bow back a little bit when shooting through the fire!)
2. Once all the lanterns are lit, you will have dispelled the Sand Barrier. Go to the other side of the staircase and head down to the next area. The Water Barrier will block you from entering the area after that, so head into the room with a giant slab and iron bars on it. Use you grapple hook to pull of the slab and enter the slab and pull the lever.
3. The water barrier is now also dispelled. Enter the ice room and blow up the rocks surrounding the Iron Beserker. It has a lot of health, so watch out (also don't get knocked into the fires below).
4. Once the beserker is killed, get the boss key out of the chest and go back to the Castles' Main Room. Head up the grand staircase and into Herobrine's room. Open the boss door.
5. Walk along the carpeted path and Herobrine will confront you. He will give you his speech on how he will never be stopped by someone puny as you and, when you challenge him, the Boss Fight ensues.

6. You and Herobrine will be transported to the roof of his Castle. He will speed around and try to kill you. Take him out using the Bravadia.
7. Herobrine will also use different moves against you. He will either...
A. Summon minions and henchman to help fight you
B. Use a special "Charge move" and come at you quickly.
Dodge them to avoid massive damage.
8. Once Herobrine is killed, you will stab him in the chest with the Bravadia and he will slowly fly into the sky and explode. Once gone, you are at the End of the Game area, and you will be rewarded with the Post-Map story and what type of Ending you got. Congratulations! You have beaten Steve's Journey!

All the Endings
There are multiple (3) Endings for this map. Two of which are acquired by beating the game, and the other acquired by failing at a quick time event earlier in the map.

Ending A - Steve defeats Herobrine whilst also saving Notch. He returns to his home, exhausted and worn-out from the past events only to be awaited by the Eden Villagers presenting him with a cake and party to celebrate his victory (as told by Librarian James). This is considered the best and canonical ending.

Ending B - Steve defeats Herobrine and saves Minecraftia. He returns home, saddened by the fact that Notch is dead and he did nothing to save him. He quietly returns home and sulks in his life, regretting going on this adventure. This ending is mediocre.

Ending F - Steve, during his encounter with Skellord, is baffled at what to do. Skellord finally absorbs all the energy he needs to Suicidally Explode, taking Steve along with him. Herobrine took over the world and regained total power, and Steve was known nothing more than some person who lived and died like all mortals. This is the worst ending possible.

Youtubers! Read Here!
If you are doing a Youtube video on this map, first off, THANK YOU! And also, in your video, don't forget to credit me in the description of your video and make sure to leave a link back to my map so others can find it easily! Again, thank you for the exposure.
Extra Cool Stuff
Copyright Stuffs
3 Songs In this Map (Gustav Sting, Noble Race and Plans in Motion) are by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Download at

You are NOT allowed to redistribute this map on any site as your own works!

CreditDevelopers from Minecraft for this awesome game, everyone who gave suggestions and feedback, all the beta testers! ;) Kevin MacLeod, Recess Ricky and TeknoAxe for Music
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Added a clear way to see this is a SINGLEPLAYER map so you don't play with multiple people in the description.
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02/12/2018 1:02 pm
Level 21 : Expert Explorer
Felina_Lain's Avatar
Amazing map! I loved it, and even when finished, I went to replay to see if I could find more stuff XD
I did had to come see the ending here, because the post-map story didn't play for me, dunno why (1.8 and no mods)

Just one question: who is the steve in the volcano? When you go on the right, you can see a head in a hole, but you can't reach it, it has me confused XD
06/15/2016 11:28 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
LegoAndrew90's Avatar
Where does the soundtrack file go when I install it?
06/19/2016 12:18 am
Level 63 : High Grandmaster Hero
Runninlikcraz's Avatar
The Soundtrack file is purely for if you want to listen to the music without playing the map. It is for personal use and for listening. The audio files are already properly installed with the map!
Sorry for the late response
07/03/2016 8:02 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
LegoAndrew90's Avatar
02/09/2016 12:28 pm
Level 49 : Master Crafter
mick_5's Avatar
Really awesome as a huge Zelda fan I really loved it.
12/06/2015 9:29 am
Level 2 : Apprentice Miner
_JarPlayz_'s Avatar
12/09/2015 4:51 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Architect
qfwqdqwdqwfqwqw's Avatar
yep theres our map`s progress (click this link for more images) 
11/23/2015 8:01 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
realshinydiamond's Avatar
<br data-mce-bogus="1">   Whats The Resource Pack Name Cause It Wont Show Up In My Minecraft!
11/24/2015 5:31 pm
Level 63 : High Grandmaster Hero
Runninlikcraz's Avatar
The resource pack is supplied with the map, no need to download. It is pretty much default with a few retextures and sounds so there isnt many noticable differences.
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