Rejuvenator Class Star Destroyer

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after finding that this was the successor to my favorite nebula star destroyer i had to make it,i deviated from the flat grey color its normally shown as and added the new republic colors because it looked way to cool with it to not keep it

some history

theirs not a ton of lore on the ship but it was developed by the legends new republic to sort of combine the capability's of the nebula and endurance classes in what i assume in a much cheaper and easier to maintain package due to it not normally being painted and its much simplified shape.In all accounts it succeeded in that regard and was intended to turn the tide in the war rejuvenating the republic war effort

The ship was developed right before the New Republic buckled during the yuuzhan vong war and was reorganized into the galactic federation of free alliances, it served in the major campaigns in the final months of the war and participated in the the all or nothing battle of coruscant that ended the war and after that it just drops out of the lore

please enjoy hope it inspires some more starwars builds that dont typically get made and if someone wants to make a cool space render of the map feel free because i have no idea how with typically building roman stuff.

for those not familiar with my download style i build in 12.2 and include a schematic with the world file in a zipped folder
Credityuuzhan vong at war model, wookiepedia
Progress100% complete
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