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Restoration [v1.3] - Horror/Adventure Map

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Jaycopperwire avatar Jaycopperwire
Level 18 : Journeyman Dragon
You wake up in a prison cell with no memory of who you are or what happened. As you make your way deeper into the facility known as Mount Pane, you begin to uncover the secrets behind why you were locked up and why everyone disappeared. But your questions only grow in number. A prison without prison guards and the rest of the facility in ruins. What caused this place to get destroyed? And more importantly, is it still here?

This is a mainly adventure map with horror elements. It includes: horror mechanics, a unique crafting system, dynamic combat with adjustable difficulty, challenging but forgiving parkour, branching side-quests, an interesting story pieced together through journal entries and the Flare Gun, a tool which helps you see in the dark through echolocation.

This map is made for Single-player Version 1.15.2 in Adventure Mode and Optifine is required as it's vital for a core gameplay mechanic. Here's a link to the relevant Optifine download. The playtime is somewhere between 2-3 hours depending on how many side-quests are completed. Good luck and have fun!

This is my first map so I would love your feedback. Once you've finished the map, you can complete this short survey to tell me what you thought.

V1.1 changes
-Shortened cutscenes
-Decreased difficulty slightly
-Other minor tweaks

V1.2 changes
-Decreased difficulty of enemies
-Reworked Challenge Mode
-Other minor tweaks

V1.3 changes
-Added custom map icon and world name
-Quality of life improvements
-Other minor tweaks
Progress100% complete

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06/17/2021 11:28 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
Wagsmuffin avatar
Hi Jaycopper, I'm stuck in the lab and think I must have missed collecting something to help. the map says What's in the lab? but I'm baffled. Any suggestions? thanks
06/18/2021 9:43 am
Level 18 : Journeyman Dragon
Jaycopperwire avatar
A cutscene should start once you step on the pressure plate leading to Professor Minnow's office then after you fight some enemies it should allow you to leave. Otherwise doing /kill will respawn you back outside.
06/16/2021 2:39 am
Level 33 : Artisan Procrastinator
Hajimbo avatar
i suggest you make a map trailer
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