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Restoration (Remastered in Version 1.17) - Horror/Adventure Map

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Jaycopperwire's Avatar Jaycopperwire
Level 29 : Expert Dragon
You wake up in a prison cell with no memory of who you are or what happened. As you make your way deeper into the facility known as Mount Pane, you begin to uncover the secrets behind why you were locked up and why everyone disappeared. But your questions only grow in number. A prison without prison guards and the rest of the facility in ruins. What caused this place to get destroyed? And more importantly, is it still here?

This is a mainly adventure map with horror elements. It includes: horror mechanics, a unique crafting system, dynamic combat with adjustable difficulty, challenging but forgiving parkour, branching side-quests, an interesting story pieced together through journal entries and the Flare Gun, a tool which helps you see in the dark through echolocation.

Made for Singleplayer Version 1.17 in Adventure Mode. Optifine is recommended, but not required. Playtime is somewhere between 2-3 hours, depending on how many side-quests are completed. Good luck and have fun!

Here’s a link to the Optifine download for 1.17.
If you want to give feedback once you’re finished, complete this survey.
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V2.0 changes
-Updated the map to Version 1.17
-Added more lights and made navigation easier
-Added health bars for some bosses
-Other minor tweaks
Progress100% complete

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09/03/2021 8:35 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
shadynuto's Avatar
This map is probably the best one I have ever played. (Honestly, I played it at least 5 times already.) It´s really good and I´m looking forward to your next maps.
As for bugs: The items (buttons, pressureplates) that I got from the closets etc. sometimes disappear, so I have to use creative to give them to myself.
That´s all. :)
09/02/2021 12:18 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
vervaine's Avatar
really amazing map !! absolutely *chef's kiss* took a few hours for me to complete it. everything was well thought out & the storyline was great too ! (the ending was spectacular) except for a bug in the beginning where the screen turned black for me as soon as it started. the parkour was so painful for a parkour noob like me T^T. i hope more people would try out this map, keep up the great work !
08/31/2021 8:47 am
Level 1 : New Miner
novelsys's Avatar
This map was absolutely phenomenal. It is clearly made for singleplayer, so playing it with three people was most likely the cause of the bugs that happened from time to time. Even so, this was an amazing experience. It almost felt like an entirely new game, and I absolutely adore that in adventure maps. I would love to see a map adjusted for multiplayer, since it was an absolute blast playing with friends (save for the times that command blocks didn't trigger properly and I had to go in with a couple rudely placed redstone torches.) I would recommend this map 100 times over. Great work.
08/31/2021 12:57 pm
Level 29 : Expert Dragon
Jaycopperwire's Avatar
I'm glad you and your friends enjoyed it :)) There are some parts that would be a bit awkward in multiplayer (for example one player falls down a hole while others don't) so I suppose that's why I never tried to adapt it as such, but in the future I'd definitely be interested in making a map made for multiplayer. Thank you also for your kind words :))
08/31/2021 6:32 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
novelsys's Avatar
For the times we got split up in the wrong ways I was pretty easily able to teleport, so that worked alright. The main issues were crafting (which seemed to take and give all of the items used from everyone) and fights that included waves, which would reset when one person died and never seemed to progress. My best guess was that the waves were being counted by how many mobs one person killed, but I'm not sure how you coded it. Most things save for the fights could probably be fixed by using @p instead of @a (if that's what you did in the command blocks.) Those might have been immediately obvious to you, but I wanted to just point them out individually just in case.
08/30/2021 6:14 pm
Level 6 : Apprentice Engineer
kfandik's Avatar
you did amazing work man
08/28/2021 9:06 am
Level 1 : New Miner
bestnameever123's Avatar
... there are no words, this map is amazing.
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