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RMS OLYMPIC 1911 v3.3

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Level 40 : Master Engineer
Before you download this Map, please download Optifine from the Link below.

After installing Optifine, turn off connected Textures!

Options-> Video Settings-> Quality-> connected Textures

Also turn off Alternate Blocks!

Video Settings-> Details-> Alternate Blocks


RMS Olympic
was a British transatlantic ocean liner, the lead ship of the White Star Line's trio of Olympic-class liners. Unlike her younger sister ships, Olympic had a long career, launched in 1910 and spanning 24 years from 1911 to 1935. This included service as a troopship during the First World War, which gained her the nickname "Old Reliable". Olympic returned to civilian service after the war and served successfully as an ocean liner throughout the 1920s and into the first half of the
1930s, although increased competition, and the slump in trade during the Great Depression after 1930, made her operation increasingly unprofitable.

This is a 1:1,9 version of the RMS Olympic. All Decks are fully filled
& equipped. I built the ship as close as possible to the deck plans as i could.

The deck plans i used are available at:  www.copperas.com/titanic/
My resourcepack is included in this Download.


The Watertight Door System:

The Watertight Doors can be opened and closed from the Tank Top-Level or from the Bridge.
On the Tank Top-Level( Boiler Rooms, Engine Rooms, ...) you can open/close each door individually, as long as the switch on the Bridge is in the "Open" position. If the switch on the Bridge is set to the "closed" position, all doors on the Tank Top-Level will close and a alarm will go on.

When the Watertight Doors are closed, a red light will go on in the Boiler Rooms.
In this case, secure all the doors by putting the switches in to the "closed" position as well(so they don't reopen).
The alarm will turn off when the switches on both sides of a watertight bulkhead are in the "closed" position.
Each watertight door on the Tank Top has its own alarm system.
It is therefore necessary to set all switches into the "closed" position in order to silence the alarm completely. The alarm will also turn off when the switch on the Bridge is set to the "open" position.

When all switches on the Tank Top-Level are in the "closed" position, a yellow light on the bridge, will turn on, indicating that all watertight doors are closed and secured.

All other Watertight Doors must be opened/closed manually.

The Engine Room:

The Reciprocating Engines can be turned on/off at the forward end of the Engines.

The Dynamos:

The Dynamos(the main Generators) in the Electric Engine Room can be turned on/off( all four of them).

The Elevators:

All four Elevators are fully operational. 3 in first class and one in second class.
This is probably the first ship with a working second class elevator.

The Coal Chutes:

The Coal Chutes can be opened/closed from within the Coal Bunkers at G-Deck level in all Boiler Rooms or from within the Reserve Coal Bunker. You can access the Coal Bunkers via the Catwalks on G-Deck level(the only Catwalk that goes all the way around).

Have fun.
CreditMark Chirnside, Encyclopedia Titanica, Titanic Honor and Glory
Progress100% complete

3 Update Logs

Update #3 : by Oliver1701 11/02/2019 8:46:13 amNov 2nd, 2019

  • fixed some Mistakes
  • Updated the Texture Pack

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08/25/2018 6:39 am
Level 39 : Artisan Engineer
-TheEngineerGuy- avatar
Looks very good. But you mixed up a few things with titanic and olympic. Like thr reading and writing room. ;)

Looks very good. Keep up.
08/29/2018 1:33 pm
Level 40 : Master Engineer
Oliver1701 avatar

thanks for commeting.
Could you be more specific about the things i mixed up?
I am currently in the process of fixing some mistakes i made(like rooms without light ect.).
I would also like to fix any inaccuracies and update the project when done. :)
09/09/2018 8:16 am
Level 39 : Artisan Engineer
-TheEngineerGuy- avatar

Soon you can explore our Version and double check a Olympic based on Original Iron Plans ;)

regards, TEG (Chief Engineer at Gantry401)
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