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What is Romecraft: Legacy?

IP : play.romecraft.net

Romecraft: Legacy is a heavy roleplay server based in Ancient Rome, following previous versions of Romecraft founded by Stugace; Romecraft: Legacy is the sequel to Romecraft: The Frontier. Our mission is to provide a server in which you can live and build in a Minecraft-spoof of Ancient Rome! With admin created missions, dungeons, and RP scenarios, we strive to provide the best Roman experience around. With plenty of building restrictions, though lenient, our server produces some of the best architects around, encouraging realistic structures based on and copied from real life examples found in all parts of the Ancient Roman Empire, from between 200 BC to 150AD.

We here at Romecraft enforce a strong Roman roleplay setting, down to each admin and player-created building. Guides are present, helping you to create basic Roman structures, and will encourage creative new twists on historic Roman architecture. If you are not a good builder, do not worry! We will help you develop your skills.

The Setting

The Roman Empire, 18BC:

After the recent destruction of Capreae and the overrunning of Frontier Island 4 years ago, Emperor Augustus has pulled Legio Augusta to the land east of the city of Augusta and the island it sits on, where Pluto's undead hordes have already begun their attacks. In land, to the East, the undead have already laid siege to, and utterly destroyed the city of Heratium, massacring its population and the stationed Auxilia Cohort. The city now plays host to all manor of dark creatures; horrible, twisted and evil things from the dark underbelly of the world.

To set a foothold in the area, Legio Augusta's Cohorts V and VI, supplemented with those survivors from Cohorts X and III, have been sent from Augusta city to set about building Castrum Victor nearer the coast. From here, it is their hope they can slowly push the advantage on the horde, slowly removing them from the area, and gradually gaining ground but this will not be easy and they will need all the strength they can get. With them, comes a civilian contingent, with the intent of constructing new settlements to call home, in the hope that once the Horde are removed, the fertile land can be peaceful and their lives prosperous.

The Emperor has also dedicated a section of Classis Augusta to aid the area, who will be arriving once docks are built, so that they can settle. Classis may well come to play a prominent and important role in the sustaining of Roman presence in the area against the horde.

However, the undead are not the only threat; Pirates patrol the coast, looking for merchant ships or other Roman vessels to prey upon, in the hope of treasure, wealth and other sorts of loot! Classis will indeed be an invaluable line of defence.


Currently, there are 4 factions players may join:

- Century I and Century IV: Century I and Century IV are both a part of Cohort VI, Legio Augusta. Legio Augusta is a veteran legion in the war against Pluto's undead. Being one of the few legions who simply survived the initial attacks of the horde, Legio Augusta have been at the frontline against them ever since. Suffering a defeat at the destruction of Capreae 4 years ago, Legio Augusta are fueled with a desire for vengeance and hate of the undead hordes along with a drive to regain their honour. Century I, lead by the more senior centurion (pilus prior) is made up of the better members of the cohort. As such, their roleplay and skill should look exceptional and only the better members of the legion will gain entry. Century IV, lead by the more junior centurion (princeps posterior) although not quite as good as Century I are nonetheless a century of mighty legionaries ready and eager to defeat the horde.

- The Senate And People of Rome (SPQR): Along with Legio Augusta comes a civilians contingent to set up a new settlement in the region. This faction allows players to Roleplay Romans less interested in the structure routines and tight drill and discipline of the Legion. However the demand for quality roleplay is no less here. Indeed, the SPQR offers opportunity for those players more concerned with business, politics or civilian life.

- Classis Augusta: Classis Augusta is the Roman navy stationed in the region, supporting the land armies. Armed with ships and expertise of the seas, Classis play an important role in the delivery of shipments, protecting Romans from the pirates that stalk the coasts as well as transporting the Legion around via boat when needed. Classis offers a faction to players interested in sailing and sea battle roleplay. Classis is only open to players who have proved themselves as outstanding roleplayers and have a normal member cap of 10.


This server encourages heavy roleplay from its players. From the small acts of getting up in the morning to the great battles against the horde, roleplay should be seen throughout. To distinguish between roleplay chat and out of character (OOC) talk the server has separate chats. Simply use a ! before anything you say for OOC (everyone can see this). The use of writing /me before anything you say allows you to say what your character is doing.

Furthermore, the server makes use of several mechanics:

- Player versus Environment combat (PvE): This less-restricted form of combat in Minecraft produces a variety of ways for players to indulge themselves into the server without having much skill in roleplay - just listening. PvE introduces the concept of Players fighting the environment/world, whether it would be NPCs, the weather, etc. You may even be faced with an endless horde of enemies rushing into your fortifications.

- Factions: The use of the factions plugins allows players to be formally and properly organised into their respective groups with titles displaying their rank and/or job as well as their social rank. Players have the opportunity to through both OOC and roleplay conduct achieve faction moderator in which they can play a part in the administration of their faction such as inviting people into it, titling players to display their position and such. Some players may even find, through roleplay positions, themselves as a faction head!

- Time progression: For basic roleplay purposes, time progresses at the rate of one In Game Year per month.

- Dynamic storylines: The storylines that Romecraft: Legacy follows are not set in stone for you! Everything you do, big or small, may have further implications in the overall story of the gameplay.

- Player competitions: Want to contribute to the server in a friendly competitive manner? Well, you can! Romecraft: Legacy offers various writing, building and other competitions in which players can compete. Winners may find their work fully implemented into the lore of the story or their buildings made in the town. Some winners may even get a few coins to fill their pockets!

Additional Notes

This server is not mine. I asked permission from the Admins to post this and they said yes. If you want info about this just PM me.
Progress: 100% Complete

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