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Level 12 : Journeyman Crafter
Also known as project Lake, this ambitious creation has you exploring a mysterious world full of secrets and adventure. This map features a custom rune enhancement system to give unique boosts to your equipment. Traverse through 6 unique areas, with 20+ custom mobs and 14 hidden bonus objectives. Other than that the map is completely normal ;)

Rune Quest is a linear Minecraft CTM (Complete The Monument) map for 1.19.2. This map contains 6 areas/objectives and 14 bonus objectives. This map is hard difficulty with 3-5 hours of gameplay.

This map is multiplayer compatible (1-3 players recommended) and comes with a custom resource pack. Multiplayer resource pack downloads available in-world. Be sure your server is running vanilla 1.19.2 with command blocks enabled if you want to play with your friends!

This is a map by _link_2012_ and Cake, contact link on discord at link2012#2012 for bugs and feedback, or join the ctmc discord at https://discord.gg/ctmc
Progress100% complete

1 Update Logs

Rune Quest v1.2 : by link2012 12/20/2022 4:09:34 amDec 20th, 2022

This update has a ton of balance changes, bug fixes, and tweaks to make the map more manageable on multiplayer. The biggest changes were the nerfs to area 6, buffs to area 5 resources, and the new system that multiplies ore drops and mob material drops by the number of players.
Other notable changes include an increased mob material drop rate, the death datapack bug fix, and a special instruction booklet upon gaining a courage rune to ensure players understand how blood and courage runes work. There are a ton of other changes you can see below!

This will likely be the last major update for Rune Quest. I might make another minor update in the future, but the map is pretty much as good as it is going to get, so if you have been putting off playing it, download it now! Or download it again and play with your friends ;)

You can get the latest update at the same link as before.

Full list of changes:

Game Balance
+Chain creepers deal 20% less damage
+Gale riptide I>riptide II
+Axes now have +30% base damage when enhanced
+Gold weapons now have +1 base damage and then an additional +30% to the base when enhanced
+Added many more diamonds throughout area 5
+Players take 20% less damage from area 6 mobs
+Miners no longer have knockback resistance
+Increased material drops in areas 2-5 by 2-2.5x
+Ore drops now multiply by the number of players
+Ancient debris drops scraps and is multiplied by the number of players
+Mob material drops now multiply by the number of players

+Made disc 1 even more obvious by removing some blocks and making the torch clearly visible
+Made hint for final area 5 disc more obvious
+Modified tunnel with area 5 disc to include diamonds and obvious lighting
+Added secret diamond block in circular arena in area 6
+Added gravel tunnels to most miner spawners
+Added a secret diamond cave towards the end of area 5
+Added a secret speedrunner cave in area 5 that literally nobody will find without spectator mode
+(spoilers) Shulker boxes replace themselves when resetting after bad ending

+Armor is now prioritized in death datapack equip order, though that does mean the hotbar is last
+Added "Enchanted gear may be enhanced" to enhancement instructions
+The jukebox can now be used when 5/6 wools are placed at the monument
+Made the iron mines EVEN MORE OBVIOUS, also added more iron blocks
+The first obtained courage rune will give the player a book detailing how courage/blood runes work
+Added spyglass to area 5 bridge and redstone torch near lost entry 5 to draw players to it

+Signed all lost entries and tweaked text on some to fit pages
+"die" lever in area 6 now gives permanent strength instead of killing the player
+Gorp button
+Raised area 6 force-field by several blocks
+Fixed 3 chests that were supposed to be barrels in area 1
+Fixed a barrel that was supposed to be a chest in area 1

+Fixed a bug where not all players would hear the monument sounds if they were far away
+Weapons can no longer be converted into an offhand
+Fixed shipwreck structure blocks clipping into area 6 circular arena
+Moved rune barrel out of empty cave in area 6 to behind a spawner on the final ascent

Known Issues to be resolved:
-Smithing enhanced items doesn't update some stats until they are enhanced again, probably won't fix this as it will be very, VERY painful

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