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Level 43 : Master Engineer
In this map, you will find these features:
  • 3 feature rich, varied maps.
  • Timed paintball shots, so spam isn't a thing here. Or is it?
  • Tips to help you understand more about the maps and the game.
  • Choose the game's time!
  • Cool hub to start your games from, with a map selection area and a effects selection, with more in the works!
  • Kill tracking with funny kill messages.
  • Killstreaks, with awesome perks for killstreaks of 3 and beyond.

It's simple, get at least two people, choose your team, red or blue, and hit start game! Wanna spice up gameplay? You can select novelty effects for the game before starting as well as the game time. The point of these are to change up gameplay, from slow falling to poison(shakes your screen constantly). As an interesting rule, as you get killstreaks, you gain speed boost and jump boost in increasing levels.

These maps work the best for certain amounts of people on each team:
  • 1-2 players on each team: Speedball
  • 2-4 players on each team: Purpur Parkour
  • 3-4 players on each team: The Castle

NOTE: There is a maximum of 4 players per team, so keep that in mind with large groups. Also, it has not been tested with more than 2 actual players so if you come across bugs with more than 2 players, please contact me at mapmemer@gmail.com.

NOTE 2: This map was made some time ago and does not represent my current standards. I will update the map as soon as possible.

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