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The S.S. Gotha was comissioned at 1879 and finished in the middle of 1880 for the Germania-Atlantic-Line.

In the same year her sister S.S. Coburg was put in service and together both traveled along the southern coasts of the Baltic sea.

She was built to transport a lot more imigrants than a usual liner in that time and region. While she also had spaces for first and second class passangers, her main duty was to transport all the imigrants of eastern europe over several ports in the Baltic sea, from Russia over Poland and Prussia to Hamburg.

There they could directly board a north atlantic liner to America on continue their journey.

In that way the Germania-Atlantic-Line was able to already took profit from all the travellers who otherwise took other companies or routes to reach to Hamburg.

It was originaly planed that four of these ships were built for the Germania-Atlantic-Line and that construction had started at 1878. But because of the deep financial dept they created by building the Musican-Class ships they had no permission from the Hamburg Senat to proceed.
Because the Hamburg Senat was the main financial source of the Germania-Atlantic-Line, they first had to earn back some money with their ships so that they could pay at least half of the price for the new builts.

But because the Hamburg Senat liked the idea of an baltic sea route they offered a shared project and allowed the Hamburger Lloyd to participate in that project and build the first two of four liners for it. The other two liners were then later given to the Germania-Atlantic-Line and so they could both profit from that route and it´s steady income.


Special thanks to CronosDarth for the renders.


This is a full explorable, interior included, fictional, custom ship which was totaly developed by myself and shouldn´t be copied or reloaded without my permission.
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12/27/2021 4:42 am
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sehr schönes Schiff :) was passiert mit ihm?
05/16/2021 3:47 pm
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Wundervoll :)