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Security Vault 2.0

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avatar Quan_MCPC
Level 7 : Apprentice Engineer
Have you ever experience things like: Having your diamond and emerald stolen by your friend or have been blown by creeper then this vault is for you! All you have to do it's put your diamond block into the vault and that's it. Now you might think that: But anyone could just mine or blown the door and they will have access to the diamond, but here is something special. If anyone try to break the door, they will be presented with just an empty room and nothing else. But if you enter the correct code and then press Unlock, the door will open and the pile of diamond, emerald, ... will start rising from the under and show up in front of your face. And if you want to lock the vault, press the lock button and the door will be lock and the pile will start to going down and after that, it's just an empty room.
It's also easy to use: If you want to unlock the vault, enter the correct code then press the star button [​*], wait a few second and press Unlock. If you want to lock the vault, just press the Lock button and that's it!
(If you are running this world in 1.16+, I suggest you to replace the smooth stone with the new netherrite block because it's have the same properties like obsidian with an exception that this can be push and pull by honey block and slime block)
CreditA thank you for: MumboJumbo for making this idea come true
Progress100% complete
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