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Server Map: Mineami Beach

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A couple of friends (tstorm823 and Mortazo) and I were planning on starting our own towny/PVP server, but the plans fell through, so I'm uploading the map file that we were going to use in hope that someone else will make a server out of it. It consists of an underground spawn area, a player shops town, a PVP arena, and of course lots of nice scenery such as beach front hotels and a working lighthouse. The only real unfinished thing is the clocktower on the town hall building. It's supposed to change based on the light levels, but I never wired it up. Also, the PVP arena could use some concession stands or bathrooms or something, and the arena floor is intentionally left blank. The idea was that the obstacles would be changed from time to time. While not much progress was made on theserver itself, this map was a full effort project and is pretty much ready to go. It's got lots of nice atmosphere and detailing. There are 10 blocks open for player shops, each consisting of four 18x18 plots.

This is a whole empty map ready to be played on a server, not just the spawn area, so it's unfortunately a pretty big file. If you do end up using this map for a public server, I only ask that you let me now, either through PM or in the comments section, as I'd really like to see it in action. I'll also post schematic files for some of the individual buildings, too. Thanks for looking!
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12/20/2015 11:55 pm
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