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Server Spawn - 3-4 projects together.

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Moufisto's Avatar Moufisto
Level 32 : Artisan Dragon
Server is up. here's the ip to the server, you will spawn in this map.
You won't automatically have any powers since i haven't set the permissions or anything, but you can at least wander it all you would like.  have fun with that. o/


Update: OK so, the server will be coming now. It's been a while, yeah, but it's going to happen.

I'll think about what i want to say and then post it all official-like and probably under a different PMC instead of mine, i don't want to come around a pretentious asshole or anything by putting up works made by a lot of different people.

But I will say this, THIS map will be used, and you will be able to see most of my works in this server. Me, Alec and RebelliousDude are bringing back a lot of old maps to be reused and made into RPG maps and creations, so you will see a lot of builds from Classic MC! (possibly revamped since some are basic, but hey, it's a start.)

Will update soon!

(uh when i say coming now, i mean, coming really soon. think a week to a month soon. Ok that's not really soon, shh i know i know. It may take a week to set up, but a month to get the first couple RPG worlds up as well (so as not to fall on our faces from the get-go. 500x500 size each!))


Update: Just some thoughts, here.
Thinkin' bout stuff =).


Sooo I may be hosting a server soon. All i did was rip up some old projects and stick them into this one.
I figure screw it, may as well host one; Purely out of impulse.

So on topic, here's what the spawn is going to be:

watch out, the video is 40 min long. it's pretty big: I just did a tour of the build.
Good luck watching that shit.

I shoved some unposted projects and some posted ones together for this.
The posted ones are:




Aaaannddd the rest was made but just left in dark  corners out of mind.
But hey, this was 6 months to a year ago. You can see that from the links above ^

So basically, this world is nothing new, i just stuck some things together with duct tape and went HEY WHAMMO WOOP WOOP WAZOO! (my secret chant for cool things) and then danced around a fire chanting LITTLE RED COOK BOOK LITTLE RED COOK BOOK as well.

Anyway, so seeing as this will be a spawn point for it, there's two reasons i put this up on pmc.
A. it can be stolen, but pmc is good for credability sake, so is youtube.
B. advertising sake
C. people will finally be able to actually see some work from me. Yeeahh. i dont think it really matters though.
D. I can count, especially when it comes to lists of two reasons for me to do things.
E. because why not?

So anyway, I'll bring the server up soon and post an IP here. But I don't know what i can handle players wise.
I haven't even set the permissions up, so you can all be owners for all i care. XD

Ok maybe not. but like.. Yeaah. basic. amatuerish. those two things describe me and the server well.

Edit: I totally forgot, and had to edit this in. Some sunfury members helped me making the Tavern of the Rising Sunfury. I'm so sorry for initially forgetting this! Janakin and a few other sunfury members pitched in! Ack! forgot who specifically ;-; ahh!!
But yeah that's how it got its name xD

Oh and for nostalgia sake, here's what i wrote up as a draft 6 months back when i was going to work on and post this up. Of course, a lot of it is way off in terms of.. well, you'll see inconsistencies with what i'm saying there and now.

Spoiler - Get a laugh out of reading this : D
Hey guys. It's been a while. I've been working on a lot of projects lately, been having a lot of fun with the Sunfury community.
Here's a little of what I was up to.
(yeah, 4 of those are the same build. The dragon one was going to be part of one of Marks builds but I got slack \o /)

I know, it's not much to show off. But here's the kicker, what I've been up to:

Adventure Map: Desperavimus

Players supported: 1-10

Size: 3.5k x 3.5k Roughly? The city is 1.2k and the areas around it are around 1-2k. I'm talking, 3500 x 3500 blocks of detailed work, no world painter.

Contextual Theme(s): Dark, Morbid, Tragedy, Action, Puzzles, lots of blood xD not sure how else to put this..

Building Themes: Underwater city, Dreamscape, Woodpunk, Terraforming (Snow mountains, Iced rivers and structures, Forest, underwater plants etc), Fantasy, Military buildings and vehicles, Nuclear ruined landscape, Demonic, Surreal and Flipped (as in, upside down twisted structures that are traversible), Bioshock architecture, SPACE! (yes as in.. low gravity, on the moon.),
Aaand many more that do not have a name yet. There is however, no Mithrentia style. Sorry. Oh yeah, Fire/Ice mixes too.

Story / Pretext:
In a land full of fantasy and wonder, gods exist and so do the terrors that even the balance of good and evil.
Such evils persist to destroy the land, individual tragedies and stories come to life and carry on..

But one such evil finally managed to commit a tragedy that shook the whole world.
A city, full of wonders and machinery, was destroyed. Terrorists, who had detonated a nuclear weapon underneath this city, which was in the eastlands, took the lives of millions.

This organized crime (squad, syndicate or organisation?) of terrorists, had destroyed an entire city and aimed to take the Tesla City next, among other things.

The idea is, you want to figure out why, and how to stop them. You and your friends go through many trials. Like, seriously, a lot.

Here's some pics of the current thingy in whatsitscalled Chunky:

So here's a brief description of the sort of places you would've tackled:
(Every area has 6-7 quests, minor quests that help gear your crew up for bosses.)

1. The forest. The forest is the first area you and your companions come to. As if you were lonely travellers, simply drifting along, you come through dark overhanging trees and ruins that branch off to darker and more dangerous areas. Mini bosses and small ambushes await the group that doesn't follow the main path straight to the Tesla City.

A lot of features aren't set in stone on this one, rather, it's just a generally dark place with lots of secrets and loot for the group before you get to real-time killing. It's pretty peaceful unless you divert from the main path.

Areas that appear in the Forest:
- Graveyards / Graves puu.sh/9hB67/1299dbbddc.png - starting area
- Wood carving structures - puu.sh/9hBhv/b477b3913d.png <-- one of the carved towers
puu.sh/9hBiz/cc6f6d27f3.png <-- another look at it
puu.sh/9hBle/87a4e5485f.png <-- inside it (first undergroundy level of it)
- Forestry (duh) - puu.sh/9hB9q/6ec6c88eed.png
- Housing
- Water caverns -  puu.sh/9hBBU/18ce4c2a59.png
- Holy springs

As you can see, there's a lot i didn't do. the forest was one of the last places i touched on. and even then i didn't do much \o/

2. The Tesla City. Probably the biggest part of the map, is the center piece.
This city scales 1.2k x 1.2k (it's a big circle, so yeah.)
This city has been melded in with a couple different past projects. I wanted to incorporate work, because I simply
could not be bothered to build.
Look, I can give all the b-llsh-t reasons I like but that's the bottom line, I simply couldn't be bothered.
So here's a couple of them:

So anyway, those two, and a lot of new features are present in the build.
I actually did build interior and secrets in it lately, it's more that there's a lot of ground to cover and most of what i work on won't be as visible as i'd like it to be. For example, the sewers. I'll get to that later, it's a plot device right now.

The Tesla City is a past featured build, it's nothing new. however, i was revamping it to new heights, new features and different states and styles.

For one, I threw those sh-tty dragons out, and threw some other ideas out that conflicted with current ones.

Secondly, the build height will be taller than the sky build limit allows. clouds would seperate the two parts, and the top half of the city would be made elsewhere in conjuction with doorways that lead  up/ down between the two. what this means, is that the city will be twice the height it is currently shown, and the two parts will be seperate.teleporting using doorways, to make sure that a seal in transition between the two ensures players don't get confused, i would've made a world pixel so that you can see the outside areas of the city as well as the city itself in a pixel art fashion. (think of a sky box for say, an fps game. like that.)

Third, there's a sewer system, as mentioned before. secrets and dark passageways that run beneath the city and also a key area for the last place in the adventure map, this will be accessed late in the map.

Fourth, I would've tried putting civilians in, shops, a system where you could buy or trade things, or simply an area for killing stuff or zombies or something if you wanted to train for exp and stuff.

random links: puu.sh/9kRfA/0320e0141b.png

CreditAlecdent, Daking
Progress25% complete

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09/10/2014 7:38 pm
Level 8 : Apprentice Network
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good stuff :)
09/11/2014 2:07 am
Level 32 : Artisan Dragon
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woah you're still using that name?!
didn't you change name like 3-4 times?
09/11/2014 2:35 am
Level 8 : Apprentice Network
OceansRythme's Avatar
haha, still using this pmc account, but no, mangyfox, hopefully forever more :P tell me when this server is up, the skype that I use these days is MangyFox
09/11/2014 9:59 am
Level 32 : Artisan Dragon
Moufisto's Avatar
Haha sure thing. Dunno, i'll send a pigeon or something instead of adding 2-3 more accounts from you. XD
09/11/2014 1:52 pm
Level 8 : Apprentice Network
OceansRythme's Avatar
fair enough lol
09/10/2014 5:31 pm
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You are sexy my friend
09/10/2014 5:20 pm
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So smexy Moufypoo
09/10/2014 5:09 pm
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Shift0011's Avatar
Awesome <3
09/10/2014 2:21 pm
Level 55 : Grandmaster Architect
Meester Curly
Meester Curly's Avatar
Why dont you get some professional pics done? Great build but pics dont do it justice :P
09/10/2014 2:41 pm
Level 32 : Artisan Dragon
Moufisto's Avatar
Haha I appreciate the advice, but since people can probably come in and see it anyway I don't feel a need to glorify this silly thing more than it needs to be. A simple tour shall do just so you can see what's up! ^w^
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