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Sexy Goddess

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Dr_Stef avatar Dr_Stef
Level 22 : Expert Artist

Sexy Goddess

I have a fond love of building 3D statues. I do mostly ruins and medieval builds but have gotten into a lot of statues lately and am always trying to better myself. This one is one of the first bigger statues I made. I only used World Edit for the arms and legs and the rest is all pretty much hand built. It took me about a week and a half to complete.

A friend of mine (Scabbage) is great with redstone and made a great feature on this build: it actually blinks at you! haha.


Built at: BeastsMC Creative Server

Update: Someone recently filmed it and put it on youtube, here is the video

Additional Notes

(The build is know throughout beastsmc server as "Sexy Goddess B*tch", as I could not find a name for the lovely lady I held a naming contest to pick the best one. This was it haha)
CreditScabbage (Redstone master extraordinaire)
Progress100% complete

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07/27/2013 7:34 am
Level 22 : Expert Princess
arlodee avatar
FATHER! keep this stuff coming D:
07/27/2013 7:36 am
Level 22 : Expert Artist
Dr_Stef avatar
Yup doing Colossus next
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