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Shulker Farm using Mob Spawner

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So Xisumavoid uploaded a video on how to make a Shulker Farm using a Mob Spawner, and it was perfect for me since I was playing on a server where a Shulker Spawner is obtainable. So I built a farm for it, dramatically increasing the drop rate since I used pistons to push hopper minecarts inside of the location where the Shulkers teleport to. as oppose to Xisuma's design which was only 33% efficient, this simple upgrade increase the efficiency to around 75%-80%.

I built this as soon as the video came out, but was only really bothered to finish the aesthetics today. There's not much more to say about it really.

Please leave a Diamond, I have spent (according to the world statistics) 4.7 hours on this. I have a really sharp eye for detail.
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