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qwryzu's Avatar qwryzu
Level 63 : High Grandmaster Terraformer

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Siluria [20k x 10k] Minecraft Map
High plateau region in the southwest, inspired by the Tibetan Plateau and Mongolian steppes.


Welcome to my most realistic/detailed project yet, using the new build height! This map is 20k x 10k and every single area is highly detailed. I worked on this for about 8 months and tried to take inspiration from realistic geology as often as was possible with my current capabilities. The map takes its name after the Silurian Period, which is a hoax - I've seen all of the Paleozoic except the Silurian. Conclusion? It's a myth.

Siluria [20k x 10k] Minecraft Map
Realistic volcanoes, mountains, and river systems!

Siluria [20k x 10k] Minecraft Map
Jungles and limestone karst terrain!

Sand dunes and a desert oasis!

Fjords and glacial lakes!

Tools Used:
World Machine
World Painter

Custom Tree Repository by lentebriesje
LemonFox's Tree Bundle by LemonFox
Dead Tree Repository by Kwa
Keno's Tree Repository by Keno
Wasteland Repository by LordSamSinister
Palm Tree Pack by CraftenRPG
Palm Trees pack by InfinityBuildsMC
GodTreePack by Plutouthere
RedwoodTreePack by Plutouthere
1k Pine Trees by Wet
Savanna Trees by ImperiumMC
370 Custom Trees by Exsilit
Epic Rocks Bundle v2 by bidule995
Oak Tree Pack by Plutouthere
Zerpen7's Epic tree pack by Zerpen7
Exotic and Desert Trees by Eremilion
MCG Schematic Pack by LordDakr
Basalt Pillars and Clusters by Lans

Note: I keep all the asset packs I've ever downloaded in one folder and can't keep track of which ones I actually used. If you're credited here, I have at some point used your assets, but not necessarily on this map.


►What version/edition of Minecraft was this made for?
  - Java 1.18.2, but should work in newer versions as well. The world height changes and my using blocks   from 1.17 means that this will probably break if you use older versions.
  - You can theoretically convert it to Bedrock but I don't know how.
►Can I play this in survival?
  - I tried my best to make as many blocks as possible available, but I didn't put structures in. I think I got   every naturally generated block outside of structures in some form or another. If you play this in survival   and find something missing, let me know and I might be able to update it to be more survival friendly.
►How did you make this?
  - The terrain shape was done using heightmaps in World Machine. Everything else was done in World   Painter, including a lot of terrain adjustments using WP brushes. The WM file got corrupted so I did a lot   of features by hand at the end, specifically the fjords.
►Can I use this for __________?
  - You can use this for whatever you want as long as you properly credit me and do not make any money from it in any way, excluding things like streaming the map on Twitch. Basically just don't sell my map.

Progress100% complete

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08/16/2022 1:27 pm
Level 32 : Artisan Explorer
Edaryion's Avatar
The map looks epic, but I am disappointed that it uses fence posts for trees. 😑
08/09/2022 5:48 am
Level 30 : Artisan Professor
Minocula's Avatar
Thx all your great work! Also that you are share them! Can't wait to explore it.