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Level 59 : Grandmaster Terraformer

Wind River Range, Wyoming

I've been trying to re-create the Winds for many years now and I think I've finally done it. This is by far my favorite map I've ever created!

Unfortunately: Gannett Peak is cut off to a level surface and its upper 500 feet are missing, as are any other peaks above ~13,300 feet in elevation. This is a mistake on my part that I didn't notice until very far into the map-making process when it was too late to fix. They're in the very far corner of the map so it shouldn't ruin the map but I am sincerely sorry to the tallest point in Wyoming.

Wind River Range Minecraft MapLower Green River Lake, Whiterock, and Squaretop

Wind River Range Minecraft Map
Ladd Peak above Three Forks Park

Wind River Range Minecraft Map
High peaks above Peak Lake on the way to Knapsack Col
Half of Mount Whitecap, unnamed, Split Mountain, East Twin Peak, Winifred Peak, unnamed (from left to right)

New Fork Lake

Unnamed lakes above Scott Lake, with Ladd Peak in back

Another view of Squaretop and the Green River Lakes

Tools Used:
World Machine
World Painter
MCG Schematic Pack by LordDakr*

* I believe all the trees I used are from MCG but if you see your work here uncredited let me know


►What version/edition of Minecraft was this made for?
  - Java 1.19.2, and due to using a Y-range of -64 to 320, will probably break in other versions.
  - You can theoretically convert it to Bedrock but I don't know how.
►Can I play this in survival?
  - I mean, sure, but most blocks in the game are missing.
►How did you make this?
  - Heightmap was taken from USGS 1m DEM from OpenTopography, converted to a png with QGIS, and cleaned up in World Machine. Everything else was done in World Painter. Renders were made with Chunky and Photoshop.
►Can I use this for __________?
  - You can use this for whatever you want as long as you properly credit me and do not make any money from it in any way, excluding things like streaming the map on Twitch. Basically just don't sell my map.

Progress100% complete

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Level 21 : Expert Waffle
ThisIsWaffleBoi avatar
for converting to bedrock try this website- chunker.app
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