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Bedrock Edition
Itsme65 avatar Itsme65
Level 23 : Expert Whale
This is a Skyblock Template for YOU to play on!!


features: (scroll through the images to see each of the places/biomes)

- 1 main Island with a chest you will spawn on
- 8 extra islands to bridge to and explore / to gather resources
  - Dark oak island
  - Savannah island
  - Swamp island
  - Snowy Taiga island
  - Desert island
  - Mushroom island
  - Birch forest island (with bees)
  - Jungle island
- A place in the nether with: a Nether Fortress, enough place to make a small zombified piglin farm, end portal, nether quartz, 1 Loot chest.
- An End dimension to kill the ender dragon (you can go here via the nether and you will need the 12 eyes of ender).

Also when you try to open the world for the first time Minecraft might say that the world is experimental and might break upon opening but you can just open it and nothing will happen at all!
Progress100% complete

4 Update Logs

Update 1.1.4 : by Itsme65 04/06/2022 12:49:45 pmApr 6th

- Made the enderdragon able to spawn again
- redid all chest loot across dimentions to make it make more sense
- added secret easter egg :eyes:

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