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Six-Floor Semi-Auto Piston Farm: Pumpkins, Watermelons, Wheat, Sugar Cane, & Cactus

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straythenomad's Avatar straythenomad
Level 10 : Journeyman Miner
First Floor: Pumpkins

Count: 48 pumpkins (12 per row x 4 rows)
Yield: 48 pumpkins
Needs Replanting: NO
Needs Tilling: YES

Because pumpkins and melons take longer to grow and seem to have widely varying growth rates, I decided against building a circuit to harvest them all at once.

There's really nothing super efficient about the pumpkin level. I just like keeping my garden safe, and I like levers.


Second Floor: Watermelons
Count: 48 Watermleons (12 per row x 4 rows)
Yield: 160-200ish
Needs Replanting: NO

Sorry there are no melons in the photo, I recently harvested.

You might notice that the design is almost identical to the pumpkin level but that there's no air space above the melons. I designed the melon level first, but only found out pumpkins need air above them after many unsuccessful attempts.

Although the wiki claims a pumpkin drops 6 slices, The # of slices per melon seems to vary. Ideally I should be harvesting 288 slices, but it always seems less than that.

Again, because growth time is so long and varied, I opted for 1 lever per piston/watermelon. I've mostly been waiting until I have a full yield until I harvest, so I may add a secondary circuit for all-at-once harvesting.

Third and Fourth Floors (identical): Wheat

Count: 240 (20 per row x 2 rows per hall x 3 halls X 2 floors)
Yield: 240 wheat, more seeds than you'll ever need
Needs Replanting: YES
Needs Tilling: YES

Each row of 20 has its own lever which activates all 20 pistons, harvesting each row instantly. Standing at one end of a hall, you can throw both levers to harvest both sides at once.

I didn't want to use a collection basin that would deliver all the wheat and seeds to one location because I think running up and down a hallway to collect items is as satisfying as riding a bike over bubble wrap.


Fifth Floor: Sugar Cane

Count: 40
Yield: 80
Needs Replanting: NO
Needs Tilling: NO

The trick here is to set the piston one block higher than the surface so that the bottom meter of sugar cane remains intact. Then you never have to replant. Probably a no-brainer, but that's why I designed it the way I did. I could probably have made a better use of space to make it bigger, but with how fast it grows that seemed unnecessary.


Sixth Floor: Cactus

Count: 32
Yield: 108 (76 after replanting)
Needs Replanting: YES
Needs Tilling: NO (it's sand)

I experimented with a lot of different setups for cactus harvesting but couldn't find one that didn't require replanting. This is because cactuses must have empty space on all sides.
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08/07/2012 4:24 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Architect
geekahedron's Avatar
Cacti, like sugar cane, will regrow without replanting if you leave the bottom block in place. Also, because they need empty spaces on all sides, they will break off if something (like a piston) invades that space. You may need to sacrifice some density, but it's very possible to create a cactus farm that can be harvested at the push of a button without need for replanting.

For example, imagine a piston that came out sideways from the wall, aimed at the middle block of the cactus, rather than from the bottom as you have pictured.

There is the tradeoff, of course, that when you leave the bottom cactus block in place some of the top pieces might fall and be destroyed by it, but I think that risk is more than worth the effort you save by replanting everything constantly.
10/06/2011 5:21 am
Level 1 : New Miner
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