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Sky Castle - Custom/Adventure Map


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Level 16 : Journeyman Architect
This is my biggest project yet, it is a custom/adventure map that I hope to be done with in February - March 2012. The pictures just show the 1st rough model of part of the main castle aptly named Sky Castle. !None of the pictures are final at the moment it is all just rough images of what my first thoughts of the main castle will look like there will be multiple other buildings and a story to go with it as well!

(A story line will be added at time of release)

This story I am hoping to make into a 3-5 part series.

The white floor is not snow it is actually bedrock.
Sky Tower:
Castle: 400 Blocks wide x 800 Blocks long x 300 Blocks high
Outer Gate: 600 Blocks wide x 1100 Blocks long x 7 Blocks high

The Two white towers will eventually have redstone circuitry for the Control Panel for getting into the castle

The Control Panel for getting into the castle will be a 4 part switch that requires going to 4 different areas to activate the redstone torches that will appear behind the glass on the Control Panel, when all 4 lights are on, the sand in front of the castle will fall and you will be able to enter Sky Castle where a whole new challenge begins

The Upper Front Deck Pillar will be 8 pillars that hold up the Upper deck that will be on the 15th floor of the castle.


The texture pack that is used for this Adventure Map is made by The Voxel Box it is called "The Pangea Pack" check it out at http://www.voxelwiki.com/minecraft/Texture_Pack.

A list of all the mods required to play this map correctly will be listed at the full release of the map.

Current Mod List:
1.) Dynamic Height Mod

P.S. The location where this project now sits is not where it will be in the download it will be moved.
Progress: 0% Complete

Update #2 : 12/04/2011 3:46:44 pm12/04/11

New pictures
Video may be coming out soon
Added description

Update #1 : 12/02/2011 10:31:51 pm12/02/11

One of the eight main castle tower rough outlines are done and part of the deck is done as well.

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