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Skyblock: Down to earth

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avatar Ele2000
Level 24 : Expert Pig
Everyone knows skyblock. But the island has fallen...
It lands on a flatland, leaving a small crater
The aim is less to get materials - you have all the gravel and clay you could need. The aim is to survive.
You have 8 Story challenges and 60 Optional Challenges
Good Luck

By the way, there will be 4 buildings to interact with. Don't break blocks in them though but for torches and redstone

If you do a spotlight or series, i'd love to know about it :D

Play on easy, normal or hard
Play on survival
Don't break blocks in or around (Up to 5 blocks away) the pre-made buildings except redstone and torches - you can't break into the end portal
Use Common sense
I have no problem with gamerule keepInventory and mobGreifing. Your choice with those. Don't do other Gamerules though
PLAY ON 1.8+
Have fun!

Story Challenges:
-Slay a spider and bring its loot to the quartz building
-Create a nether portal in the nether building (Work it out) - Hint: Don't use flint and steel. You will need the iron later
-Create and exchange a sticky piston for 4 soul sand and 3 wither skull heads
-Go Far away (But make sure you can get back :P) and battle the wither (Not too far because if you die it's a LONG way back)
-Alternatively, do it near but disable mobGreifing so it does no damage
-Exchange the nether star and create a Ender chest to give entry to the end portal
-Go to the end and FIGHT THE DRAGON!!!
-Collect the loot from the farming ect. chest and the secret Animal farming chest
-Go home and continue the optional challenges

Optional Challenges (Includes Story challenges):
Progress100% complete

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