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Skyblock with Villagers

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UHCombo's Avatar UHCombo
Level 25 : Expert Engineer
Hello Internet,
I'm known as UHCombo/SteveCombo/Rex. I have made this map for your enjoyment. You (1-4 players) are stranded in a world with 5 islands. One in the middle, and 4 surrounding it. You get an island each, and the middle island is inhabited by Villagers! They have been spawned with commands to actually have good trades. You need to trade with villagers to obtain almost everything, the rest, you get from farming. Your end goal is to defeat the enderdragon. You can of course keep playing if you wanted to. You can also summon the wither. There are 3 play styles i recommend:
  1. Friendly playstyle | You all gather resources together as a team. You go to the end as a team to slay the dragon.
  2. Allied playstyle | You each farm for yourselves and trade with the villagers individually. It's up to you if you take on the dragon by yourselves or all together
  3. Individual playstyle | You compete to see who can kill the dragon first.
You can of course play a mixture between them, it's all up to you.
Things worth mentioning:
  • You cannot go to the nether (Don't try it, it's impossible to craft the portal)
  • Crops grow 2x faster than usual
  • To go to the End, you must craft a cookie (I know, a bit weird)
CreditThank you to SuMr (Aka UHComboh) for helping test and build this world
Progress100% complete

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07/20/2017 12:35 pm
Level 5 : Apprentice Mage
Mr_Sniffy01's Avatar
How do you download it or upload the map?
07/20/2017 3:14 pm
Level 25 : Expert Engineer
UHCombo's Avatar
Thank you for commenting! I forgot to upload it. Now you should be able to play the map
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