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Skycube - Survival Evolved with Challenges!

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Bedrock Edition
King Cube's Avatar King Cube
Level 35 : Artisan Engineer


This is skyblock evolved! Complete intense challenges, battle mobs, explore diverse biomes, and SURVIVE in this advanced vanilla experience!

+ 14 unique quests!
+ Achievements enabled!
+ Fight the Wither and the Ender Dragon!
+ Explore a nether fortress, ender city, a mushroom castle,
an enchanted bee forest, and more!
+ Single or multiplayer!

Travel to the Nether Island!

Skycube - Survival Evolved with Challenges! Minecraft Map

Travel to the Fantasy Island!

Skycube - Survival Evolved with Challenges! Minecraft Map

Travel to the Desert Island!

Travel to the Ocean Island!

Travel to the Mounatin Island!

And many more islands all by King Cube!

If you want to try this map out your self just search for it on the Minecraft Marketplace!
Any questions or feedback? Just message us below, because we love hearing from you all!

Website: Check out our website! (https://www.kingcube.co.uk/)

YouTube Channel: Subscribe to our YouTube channel! (https://www.youtube.com/c/KingCubeMC)

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CreditKing Cube, StealthyExpert, SlimC, Longridr, KingLazy, StormXVI
Progress100% complete

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King Cube
09/23/2022 3:56 pm
Level 35 : Artisan Engineer
King Cube's Avatar
To showcase our Minecraft Content on Planet Minecraft to our loyal fans.

We can't share the download directly because it's against Planet Minecraft policy because they don't want links to paid Minecraft Marketplace posted on Planet Minecraft sadly.

You can read the description at the bottom, however.
If you want to try this map out yourself, just search for it on the Minecraft Marketplace!
09/29/2022 9:50 am
This reply was removed by the poster or a moderator.
King Cube
10/02/2022 5:19 am
Level 35 : Artisan Engineer
King Cube's Avatar
So you packed a bunch into your comment that we wanted to address.


You: "But again, why post it here?"

Response: We wanted to share our content with the Planet Minecraft Community and showcase our team's portfolio.


You: "People come here for maps and things from creators that like to create for the sake of creating, not cash grabs using other people's ideas."

Response: We have been in the Java community for over 5+ years, and all concepts and creations have been original and always will be.


You: "I can 100% guarantee there is nothing special enough about your map to justify paying for it"

Response: An assumption-based opinion, we never asked for money in our showcase, and we were showcasing our content which many Minecrafters here do regularly.


You: "especially while there are a dozen+ free ones on here."

Response: Many showcases do not have downloads.

We do understand your frustrations and will keep your feedback under advisement.


You: "Some are even more advanced than yours."

Response: Many maps, showcases, creations, and ideas are more advanced than ours, and we admit to that, and to say ours isn't original and not something that our team members worked very hard on is very wrong for you to say.


You: "If you want to come on here to showcase your map, put a stripped-down version, or come up with an original map idea."

Response: Downloads are not required, nor should they be for portfolio or showcase pieces like this.

Porting the content would require too much time and work from our builders' and developers' lives, especially since we pay our builders for their time while most teams don't!

We made this years ago.

We spent weeks building Skycube from the ground up. Each island was made custom and original by our level design artist and our redstone-powered achievement system by our developers.


You: "That is why this site doesn't allow direct linking to marketplace content."

Response: You are correct. Hence, we did not directly link and did not advertise to our fellow Minecrafters here to buy. Because that is wrong and is against Planet Minecraft's TOS = terms of service.


You: "This site is for creators, not people taking ideas that have been done a million times just to con people out of a couple of bucks."

Response: We are Minecraft creators and not con artists.

We aren't like other studios that create content only for cash-grabbing content or of low quality.

We spend so much time on our content just so that it is up to our standards and is enjoyable to players and our beta testers.

Our studio prides itself on being a professional Minecraft Build Team.
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